Where Does Unity of Wimberley Tithe?

Unity of Wimberley is a “tithing” church that supports our community and beyond in gratitude. This means that on a monthly basis, we tithe 10% of our income to places that uplift our hearts in gratitude for the  work done for our community and beyond . We  put our prosperity into action as we circulate the good that comes to us.

As stated in Article IV of our bylaws:
"I endeavor to live in accordance with the principles of love and truth as taught by Unity and further the work of this ministry through active attendance, love, and support through my tithing of time, talent, and treasure. Thank you, God!"

We thank you all for the gifts you have sent already and affirm the gifts you are about to send.

We have several basic places that we contribute to each month.  In addition, there is a discretionary portion of the tithe that is voted on by our board each month.  We will keep this page updated to keep you informed.

2023 Tithing Information

Monthly Unity Organization Tithes
Unity Worldwide Ministries
Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute
Unity South Central Region YFM Support
Unity Worldwide Headquarters

Monthly Local Organization Tithes
Barnabas Connection
Amigos de Jesus
Crisis Bread Basket

January Discretionary Tithe
The White Helmets 

February Discretionary Tithe
The Mbenga Foundation

March Discretionary Tithe
The Burke Center for Youth, Driftwood, Texas

April Discretionary Tithe
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Austin Chapter

May Discretionary Tithe
Mgenga Foundation

June Discretionary Tithe
Mercy Chefs

July Discretionary Tithe
World Vision Maui Support

August Discretionary Tithe
The Barnabas Connection, https://www.barnabasconnects.org
Crisis Bread Basket, https://crisisbreadbasket.org
Amigos de Jesus, https://www.texasamigos.org

September Discretionary Tithe
Care- Fighting Global Poverty

October Discretionary Tithe
Healing Across the Divides

November Discretionary Tithe
The Barnabas Connection, https://www.barnabasconnects.or
Crisis Bread Basket, https://crisisbreadbasket.org
Amigos de Jesus, https://www.texasamigos.org

December Disctionary Tithe
School Yard Dogs, https://schoolyarddogs.org