Unity of Wimberley Board Members

Meet our beloved board members for 2024

Anne Ulfelder, President

Even though she has Yankee roots, Anne graduated from TCU and has lived all over the U.S. and in England.  Her 25 years as an international brand and marketing specialist took her all over the world.  She also founded and grew one of the top-performing residential real estate teams in Keller Williams’ New England region.   Raised Catholic, Anne has been meditating all her adult life and retains a strong interest in Eastern faith traditions. But it wasn’t until finding Unity of Wimberley and being introduced to New Thought that she found a faith community that felt right on all levels—its teachings, emphasis on service and commitment to affirmative prayer and meditation.  She is a prayer chaplain and handles Unity’s Adopt-A-Highway program. Anne and her husband Steve Ulfelder relocated to Wimberley in 2018 from Massachusetts. Their blended family, which consists of four kids between the ages of 20 and 25, two dogs and a very stubborn cat, keeps them hopping. 

Michael Finn, Vice-President

Michael Finn grew up in the Hill Country.  Upon graduating college with a degree in advertising, Finn headed to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He achieved moderate success, but his greatest gig was landing his wife, Leah.   After the birth of their first son, they decided to come back home and now reside in Dripping Springs with their two boys and corgi, Hank.  Finn runs the family farming business as well as a local rental corporation that he and Leah founded a few years ago.  

Finding Unity of Wimberley has been huge boon to his spiritual growth, and recently becoming a prayer chaplain has deepened his faith as well as his connection to the church.

Susan Winkler, Treasurer

Susan grew up in Central Texas, graduating from UT Austin, with a BBA in Marketing and Management. Her working career started in property management. Prior to retiring in 2022, she was self-employed for 30 years as a Benefits and Financial Consultant for Texas school districts. She now loves spending her time gardening, enjoying nature, playing pickleball and volunteering. Susan has been married to Tom Diehl for 40 years. They have a blended family with 3 daughters, one son and 6 fantastic grandchildren. She has been enjoying New Thought churches for over 40 years. She began coming to Unity of Wimberley off and on back in the early days when Mindy Audlin was the minister but only became a member 7 years ago. Susan volunteers at the church as the "Bird Lady", overseeing and coordinating wonderful volunteers for the bird box program, a part of our wildlife exemption, and until May 2024 was the "Note Angel", writing welcoming letters to visitors and notes of support to members going through challenges. She loves being part of this special community, saying it feels like a loving home.

 Andrea Ballentine, Secretary

The best way to describe Andrea is as the 1.0 version and 2.0 reboot.  She spent the first half of her adult life as a wife, mother, early-childhood development specialist, kindergarten teacher and Austin suburbanite. She came to Wimberley 11 years ago ready to reinvent herself and quickly found the means to do so at Unity of Wimberley through New Thought principles, prosperity consciousness, Grief Recovery, prayer and meditation, enthusiastic volunteering and a stint on the board of trustees. This all lead to a new and very satisfying career as a chemical dependency education teacher and direct care manager at a local rehab and a wonderful relationship of 7 years with Brad McClusky. For the last year and a half Andrea has been on a spiritual sabbatical awaiting "guidance" for her next move. The nudge to rejoin the board started as a whisper in June and by November became an unavoidable shout. She is feeling an amazing amount of energy, creativity and enthusiasm to be part of the effort to rejuvenate our beloved church after the long period away from each other. Her pet project is stewardship of this property, to inspire a strong grounds committee and to encourage every member of the congregation to take the opportunity to experience the magic  of this incredible hill. 

Beverly Millwee, Member at Large

In 1971 Beverly dropped out of high school, jumped on the back of Billy’s motorcycle and left Big Spring, Texas to run off to Mexico and get married.  They haven’t looked back since and have enjoyed a life of adventure.  Billy and Beverly have been together for 47 years, raised three successful children, and are proud grandparents of one granddaughter and two grandsons.  Beverly had a 20+ year career as a registered nurse specializing in HIV/AIDS care and retired in 2011.  She and Billy have been attending Unity of Wimberley since 2014. Bevery attributes any success she and Billy have had in their lives to their exposure to New Thought.  They credit their involvement with the Church of Religious Science in 1978 for providing them a spiritual pathway that eventually led them to Unity of Wimberley.  Beverly loves to travel and enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren.  She looks forward to advancing her spiritual growth and offering a greater level of contribution to this wonderful spiritual community.

 Leslie Howe, Member at Large

Leslie grew up in SE Houston/Clear Lake area, visited Wimberley with a college friend, loved it, and was thrilled to move there in 1980.  Married after a blind date 44 years ago to husband John, who passed away in February 2021: they had 2 children, a boy and a girl, now there are 4 grandkids: 2 boys and 2 girls, and all live in Wimberley. Leslie has been waitress, a licensed barber, and a licensed attorney since 1986: she as been a solo practitioner since 1992. Her primary and favorite area of her legal practice for the past 18 years has been assisting clients and their families with death and dying: Wills, Probate, Estate Planning, and Trusts. She has been attending Unity of Wimberley since Day 1 and, and also assisting with it’s creation since inception, and has previously served several terms on the board in the capacity of all officer duties; and on the committee that originated the Church Family Ownership program. She is happy to be back in the position of Board member and to support the church every way that she can, with her knowledge, expertise, and past experience, as it moves forward. Leslie also serves as a Chaplain.

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