We are Wimberley, Texas’ first and only open to the public pickleball facility!
We have 4 outdoor pickleball courts and 1 tennis court, which are reservation only.
All Reservations must be made online, we do not accept cash for court resevations.

You will need to register and agree to our Liability Waiver before reserving your first Court.  But, you only need to do this one time.  If you already have a CourtReserve account, see note below.  

To Reserve a court (after registering and agreeing to the liability waiver). click the Reserve a Court Button.

Scroll down for more information and rules.


Open Play Times  7am - 11 am
Available for Reservations $5.00 per person

Open Play $5.00 Per Person
Special Events, Clinics, and Tournaments
See below for available offerings.

Need Some Help Learning to Play?  For lessons, contact one of the instructors below:

  • Mimi Curry
    Masters in Education, Teacher at Heart

  • Brynn Medlar
    Drills & Lessons

  • Ray Bowman
    PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

 How To Play on
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We are Wimberley, Texas’s first and only open to the public pickleball facility!
We have 4 outdoor courts which are reservation only.
All Reservations must be made online, we do not accept cash for court resevations.

All courts are reserved using the website.  Members must register with to reserve a court.  At least one member of a 'team' must register with CourtReserve to be able to serve a court.  Please note that court fees are collected via CourtReserve. 

NOTE:  If you already have a CourtReserve account through another organization (such as Dreamland), you can simply sign in to your CourtReserve and add "Unity of Wimberley Pickleball" as an organization.  The waiver will 'pop up' when you try to reserve a court.  (Hint you can try using your email as your user name and use 'forgot password' to reset, if you can't log in).   

Pickleball is a sport in which two, three, or four players use paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a whiffle ball, over a net. The sport is played on a badminton-size court with similar nets and rules as tennis.

Game is played to 11, win by 2. Each team member gets to serve until they lose the point, with one exception, the team that serves first only gets 1 serve. The score is a series of 3 numbers; serving team score, receiving team score, server #1 or #2. Ex. 7-3-2 means the serving team has 7 points, the opposing team has 3 points and it is the second server about to serve.

Must serve underhand from behind the baseline, diagonally cross-court, clearing the non-volley zone. Only the serving team can score points.

Each team must play their first shot off of the bounce. Meaning, after the serve, the receiving team must let the serve bounce, then the serving team must let that return bounce before playing it. After that the ball may be volleyed (hit in the air) or off the bounce. A player cannot strike the ball while standing in the non-volley zone unless the ball bounces first. 

To book a day/time at one of our 4 outdoor courts, please follow the link above to create an account with Court Reserve. In order to book a court or participate in social/open play please create an account prior to arrival. Bring your friends and see why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America!

Uncovered Pickleball Courts: $20 per hour per court
Unlimited players. 1 hour minimum. 
We do not offer Equipment Rental at this time. 
48 hours notice required for a full refund
We are a CASHLESS Pickleball facility. 

Follow the signs for Unity Church
Open Play (must register on courtreserve before arriving)
$5 per person for open play, court availability not guaranteed. We are a cashless facility. Please register on courtreserve before arriving.