Dear Friends,

It feels very strange to be writing my penultimate newsletter message to you. The interval of time between making the decision to retire and now has passed so quickly! To be completely transparent, I’m having so many feelings about this ending---from relief and excitement, to doubts and an unfamiliar emptiness. But I cannot think of a major transition in life that DOESN’T have all these emotions. There is grief, a reassessment of identity, uncertainty about the future, and joyful/nervous anticipation of the

next phase of life. The usual things!


Mostly, though, I’m immersed in the bittersweetness reflection of my

amazing time serving as your spiritual leader: sweet in all the memories, sad (“bitter”) in letting go of all of you. A minister’s highest aim is to empower people in their spiritual lives, and to encourage them in ministering to each other in a myriad of ways. I see such bold, undeniable evidence of this in you. And that makes me happy and fulfilled. It gives me great hope and confidence that this beautiful body of souls will continue in its mission and vision to bring peace, light, and enrichment to the world.


Much love,

Rev Jill