Just because we're not meeting in person doesn't mean there's nothing going on for our kids! Join our beloved Youth and Families Director Evy Wilkinson on Zoom every Sunday morning at 10am CT for plenty of engaging activities to inspire our young spiritual adventurers! This is a wonderful warm up to watching our 11am CT livestream service with the whole family!
Our staff and team of volunteers create a safe and nurturing environment in which youth experience self development and awareness through affirmative prayer, fun group activities, and meditation. We honor the many paths to God, the many names for God, and the universal truth in all religions.  
We provide classrooms for babes to junior high aged children with our teenagers engaged in the Youth of Unity Program--Y.O.U. 

Our curriculum at all age levels is based on Unity's Five Basic Principles:

    GOD IS -- God is all Good and active in everything, everywhere.
    WE ARE -- We are naturally good because God's Divinity is inside each and everyone of us.
    WE THINK IT -- We create our experiences by what we choose to think, feel, and believe.
    WE PRAY IT -- Through affirmative prayer and meditation, we feel God and bring out the good in our lives.
    WE LIVE IT -- We do and give our best by living the Truth we know. We make a difference.

PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS!  Click here for forms you are required to complete before joining this important ministry!