A Year of Conscious Creative Living

Happy and Blessed New Year to you all! Isn't it funny how the change from one day to another, one year to another, can signify a new beginning and a clean slate---if we let it. We have marked this transition with a Burning Bowl ceremony on the last Sunday of 2018 to let go of all which needed to be released, and a White Stone ceremony on the first Sunday of 2019 to meditate upon and identify the word that speaks to us of our intention and identification in this new year. 
The first quarter of this year will be a new focus upon the old basics, starting with a review next Sunday of our creative process and the Law of Mind Action (Unity's third principle). 
Kit is teaching This Thing Called You, by Ernest Holmes, on Wednesday nights in January to review basic Science of Mind principles; I will follow that in February with one of Unity's earliest and most basic books, Lessons in Truth, by Emilie Cady.
It is our intention that we all reach for a new level of conscious, mindful, and creative living. It is our modern way of follow Paul's command to the early churches to "Prays always (all ways)." In this way we will find more peaceful, joyful, and authentic ways to encounter our own lives and to reach out to others in compassionate and loving regard.
What a great year is ahead!
Many blessings and much love,
Rev. Jill