Wait, What? Rev Jill Carey 8-22-2021

Hello Friends,

I wish I could say, “Wow, what a great summer we’re having!” Of course, that would be based on what has traditionally been defined as a great summer---gatherings with friends and family, the acceptable hassle of traveling, excitement and preparation for the upcoming K-college school year. But all of that has a different color now. In addition to the raging Delta variant of the coronavirus and its necessary precautions, we are all dealing with the disappointment and disorientation of having thought that this pandemic was just about over. Six weeks ago we were planning for a great July ahead; three weeks ago, we were saying, “Wait, what??” It’s no wonder that we’re a little crabby sometimes!

There are a couple of things to remember: preventable deaths are occurring, either because of COVID, or because the hospitals are too crowded to accept critical non-COVID patients. The cumulative fear, grief, and anger affects us, whether we are directly associated with a loss or not. We are ONE PEOPLE, and the collective consciousness is disrupted when widespread events are occurring. We all hurt, in conscious and unconscious ways. It is important that we acknowledge this and stop to examine that reality when we are out of sorts, sad, or upset for no apparent reason!

The other thing to remember is the most important: we are resilient people of Spirit. The same consciousness that registers our dismay also contains our collective spirituality. Now, more than ever, our prayers, patience, acceptance, and generosity are needed in order to keep shifting the balance toward the realization of Good. The world is changing, my friends. We decide how we will contribute to that transition. Our thoughts and acts of goodness reverberate to benefit the world, in small and magnificent ways. We decide who we are---people of grace or people of strife, people of God-in-everything or people tossed about by circumstances, people who are expanding or people who are contracted.

I urge all of us to stand strong in these winds of change. Bending but not breaking, and all of that! Our strength lies in our togetherness, a bond forged by Spirit since before birth. It does us well to remember.

Much love and many blessings to you,

Rev. Jill