The Ultimate Freedom: Rev Jill Carey 7/1/2021

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate Independence Day this weekend, we acknowledge and appreciate that moment 245 years ago when the Founding Fathers made the bold decision to sever ties with England altogether. It was a bold decision for the colonies, and it began a course for this nation that, for better or worse, shaped the unique nature of the United States on the world stage.

As with all holidays, though, July 4 is another opportunity to benefit from the symbolism of the date. We can declare our personal independence from a difficult past, from the limitations of our own thinking, from servitude to behaviors and relationships that have run their course. We find this freedom, of course, in Spirit.

We must also remember that our declaration of independence is much like that one for America all those years ago: necessary steps follow that assure that freedom comes to pass. We may have to outline a new, fresh course for ourselves; we may have “battles” with egocentric forces within that hold us back. But we never lose sight of our initial affirmation---that we are truly free in Spirit, never permanently bound by our humanity from our Oneness.

So let this holiday be one of celebration and liberation! You ARE free, now and forever!

Much love, many blessings,
Rev Jill