The Time is Now! : Rev Jill Carey 6/1/2021

Hello Friends,

As I write this, we are five days away from our first in-person, in-the-building Sunday service---in fifteen months! None of us knew how long we would be closed when this pandemic began, and what it would take for us to reopen safely. And yet, here we are! I know we are all so eager to be in each other’s presence again and celebrate that this long “drought” appears to be over. It seems we plodded along for such a long time, then suddenly it was clear that the time was NOW.

Things go slowly for a while, then all at once. With the exception of extraordinary times in our lives, our days are usually a routine that can become automatic and, unfortunately, mindless. Then something happens that gets our attention, interrupts the daily flow, disrupts our equilibrium. It is then that we lean upon the truths that we’ve come to know and allow Spirit to guide us through the crises and uncertainties.
As we collectively enter this new phase of post-pandemic life, I invite you to reflect on the past 15-18 months. How are you? How WERE you? Many of us have experienced great changes, some have not. No matter how much or how little we’ve been directly affected by this global crisis, we’ve all been touched by losses, blessings, revelations, and transformation. Have you gained knowledge and wisdom that will stick with you---keep you from slipping back into mindlessness in some area of your life? If you have not yet, identify just one thing that has changed forever for you. When we do this, we have a better chance at becoming the change we wish to see in the world. Perhaps we can contribute to greater kindness and tolerance, to looking out for each other, or to taking better care of ourselves. Maybe we can embrace quiet a little more easily, take more time to relish the little things. In so doing, we are “practicing the Presence,” an attitude that prepares us for anything that comes our way---just as the last year has taught us.

Welcome back!

Rev Jill