Texas Hill Country Fall: Rev. Jill Carey 10/1/2020

Dear Friends,

I can’t remember a time when the official beginning of autumn (last week) actually coincided with actual fall-like weather in Central Texas! I don’t know about you, but I find autumn a season of renewal as much as or more than spring. The crisper temperatures and (sometimes) lower humidity invigorate me. The little bit of color change in the leaves and, yes, even the trees shedding their bits that require constant sweeping on the porches make me aware of changes that are afoot. There are smells and sounds that awaken old memories: the decaying of flora to make soft walking beds in the woods, seasonal candles, and the calls and behaviors of animals in age-old mating rituals. This year we will not hear so much the raucous cheers of high school football fans, and the sounds of bands and drums carried on the new north winds. But we have memories, and sometimes that is enough to sustain us.

Nevertheless, nature never fails to remind us of our own cycles of the death of old ways and ideas, the quiet waiting for the new to take its place, the stillness that replaces some of our more active seasons, interior and exterior. It benefits us to pay attention to these exterior changes, as they serve to remind and comfort us that all things pass away in their time, and renewal is always at hand.

So when you smell the smoke of fireplaces as it gets colder, as you watch the days become shorter in their light, as you listen to the different night sounds, as you anticipate the upcoming holidays---remember that you too are as flexible AND constant as the seasons. We are weathering them together as we are apart, and we can share our seasonal reflections with each other.

Remember, you are doing just fine.

Much love and many blessings,

Rev Jill