Spring is Here! : Rev Jill Carey 4/1/2021

Dear Friends,
It looks like spring is here! I mean, it literally LOOKS like it. It was only six weeks ago that we were shocked by an extraordinarily unusual and brutal winter storm. While spring is showing beauty in its flowering, there is still distressing evidence that many plants and trees did not survive the storm’s icy embrace. We can and will replant. What cannot be recovered are the lives that were lost. And many are still awaiting repairs to make their homes habitable again. Most of us will marvel at our endurance and ability to recover. Time has a way of softening the memories of hardship. And yet we must remember not only the sorrow, but also the generosity of our neighbors, near and far, who extended themselves to assist others. You were some of those neighbors.

Isn’t this the way of life, though? Nature herself shows us the decay and the greening side by side. Are we not attracted to books and movies that show us a final triumph over adversity? Some of us longed for a sunny beach during that week of cold, even as we gathered with our beloveds around the sources of warmth. Personally, I would not have traded the hours around the (gas) fireplace in our home with my sons and my brother, who was visiting from Colorado. We laughed so much as we huddled together, venturing into the colder parts of the house for occasional solitude, melting snow to wash dishes and sometimes ourselves, eating simple meals when we were hungry, each to his/her own schedule. We acknowledged that it was a quiet and ancient-feeling time, the snow and ice quieting the world around us. And yet. And yet, we also knew that many were faring much worse than we were, doing without, in isolation and in the cold. The paradox takes one’s breath, no?

And spring is here. The bright colors and that special green lift us. Renewal is all around us. How much more perfectly Easter brings its gift to us this year! Death and resurrection reflected all around us. The relinquishing of the old and the embracing of the new within us. Go smell a flower. Go thank a tree. Say goodbye where you need to. Be alive.

Many blessings and much love,

Rev. Jill