Spiritual Humans

Dear Friends,  None of us could have anticipated how much we'd be moved by the 5th Sunday service last week, led by our Youth of Unity. We laughed, cried, listened to them speak and sing, and enjoyed some fine bass guitar skills! What a moving and life-giving experience, witnessing the spiritual growth and potential of the next generation.
This experience also informs us that we are a community of spiritual humans that have created a safe and nurturing place for all to discover and live their Divine wholeness. We hold the space for all to walk through our doors with joys, with brokenness, with doubts, with victories--in short, just the way we are! Know that our young people, although they are not in the sanctuary with us on Sundays, are feeling the flow of divine energy generated and amplified when we come together, from the smallest child to our almost-graduates.
I hope that you'll take the time to watch this service online, again or for the first time, especially when you need a boost of youthful energy, hope, candor, and sweetness. Watch it to see Kit dedicate a song just to our teens, and later as we sing as one body to them in loving support. Your heart will be full, and I believe that's okay with every one of us!
And join us for Wednesday Night Series on "The Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss; it's quite a journey inside us all!
Many blessings,
Rev. Jill
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