Serving With Love and Joy: 12/15/2021 Rev Jill Carey

Serving with Love and Joy

Dear Friends,Let me first wish you the most blessed and joyful Christmas and

celebration into the new year that awaits us! It is gratifying to reflect upon the resilience that brought us from the holiday season of 2020 to this moment. The lights seem to be shining a little more brightly than they did a year ago. WE seem to be shining a little more brightly! It has been such a pleasure to see and hear the sounds of those coming into the building for services and fellowship. It has given us all new life and enthusiasm, with even more gratitude for the little joys that we might have taken for granted before the pandemic.

I invite you to expand the generosity and gratitude you might be feeling at this time of year to bless others with your time, talent, treasure, and prayers. Many of you do this without a second thought, and we are all better for it! Now is a good time to reexamine your idea of service to see where you might think “out of the box,” to stretch yourself beyond what is

familiar and comfortable, into a new area of giving. Any opportunity that we have to challenge ourselves provides us a new vision, a new way to see the world.

Many of our volunteers in pre-pandemic days have decided to step aside as their priorities change and as they take a period of rest or even a different responsibility. This ebb and flow is a natural part of life, allowing each of us to shift the “load” to allow each one to be fresh and vital. There are many opportunities to volunteer and help in our church and beyond. If you give volunteering a try, I would propose to you that you will become engaged in ways that may surprise you! You may find a latent talent or passion that had not yet become visible to you! You will most certainly acquire an ownership (especially at Unity of Wimberley) that will fulfill your natural need for a community of like minds and hearts.

Consider these words, and take them into your hearts as you reflect upon the physical gifts exchanged this season. Know that the gifts of YOUR hearts and hands are more precious than gold (and frankincense and myrrh!)

Much love, Many blessings, and Happy Christmas to you!

Rev. Jill