Serving on the Board

Interested in serving on the Unity of Wimberley Board of Trustees?

It's a big job and will keep you busier than any volunteer activities you might have done until now. It's also a different view of the church, involving business, budgets and fund raising, a behind-the-scenes look at how a church runs. You might want to read the Board Minutes to see the kinds of topics and issues the board deals with.

If you are interested in the business side of church and believe board service plays to your strengths, the election process works like this:

Each fall, the Nominating Committee will take applications and interview potential candidates, then recommend a slate of candidates for election at the Annual Meeting on the fourth Sunday in January. Only official church members may vote at the meeting. The candidates who are elected will begin their board service at the February board meeting. Board members are elected to three-year terms unless they are filling an unexpired term, and may be re-elected once, for maximum service of six years.

The Nominating Committee always consists of one church member elected by the voting members of the church, one representative of the board of trustees, the minister, and a fourth person appointed by the first three.

The Nominating Committee looks for people who are already involved in the church as volunteers and financial supporters. It also helps to have taken some basic Unity classes. But the only official requirement is that you be an active member of the church.

You may not serve on the board if a close relative is already on the board, if you are compensated by the church for any work, or if you are an active licensed Unity teacher.


To apply for the board:

You may only apply for the board when applications are available, usually in November. To apply for the board:

Ask that the candidate packet be emailed to you. Email

After you recieve the packet:

1. First, read carefully What It Takes, which outlines all that is expected of board members. This should answer many of your questions.

Note especially the commitments of time and financial giving. Board service is much more than one meeting a month.

You might also want to familiarize yourself with the church bylaws, which govern how the church is run. It also includes a list of board duties.

2. If you feel called to board service, fill out a candidate questionnaire.

  • If possible, answer the questions in a document that can be emailed to the Nominating Committee.
  • If you type your answers on paper, please make FOUR copies, bring them to church on a Sunday and hand them to one of the committee members for distribution to the others.

3. Read the Code of Ethics for board members from Unity Worldwide Ministries. Sign and return it with your questionnaire.

4. The church needs your permission to conduct a background check. That form will also be sent to you and also should be signed and returned to the Nominating Committee.

Everything can be handled by email to Please return the questionnaire, Code of Ethics and permission for a background check.


The deadline for applications is usually in early December.

It will be announced several times from the platform and in the newsletter.

After that, the Nominating Committee will review the applications and call some of the applicants to set up personal interviews at the church. An interview is an opportunity for you to ask questions about board service, not simply to answer them. You have not committed yourself to anything yet!

If you are chosen and if you agree to stand as a candidate, the Nominating Committee then will include your name in its slate of candidates, which must be announced before Christmas. Your picture and bio will be sent to church members through email and the newsletter, and your name will be announced from the platform on Sundays. You will also be asked to come forward at the Annual Meeting in January.

If you have questions (at any time of the year), email, or talk to the minister or any of the current board members at church. They wear blue name badges.