Questions: Rev Jill Carey 6/16/2020

Dear Friends,

It looks like things are going to get worse before they get better, pandemic-wise anyway. That’s not a statement of pessimism as much as it is a grasp of the scientific reality of the current situation. We’ve talked about how to stay connected as a community; we’ve brought you digital ways to stay connected; we’ve solicited your thoughts about how and when we “phase in” our (distant) reopening. But I’d like to offer you today some questions for reflection, starting with, “If the pandemic hadn’t happened, what would your life be like today? Would it be the same as before? How has it changed?”

What did you take for granted that you now miss? Are there things you’ve decided you can give up altogether, or wait patiently until they’re available again?

Has your life been enriched in ways you didn’t expect?

Are there new habits that you’ve incorporated into your life? Will you continue them when things become “normal” again?

What IS “normal?” This is not a hypothetical question.

What does community mean to you now? What would you like to see return to the way it was before? How willing are you to accept the possibility of it being different?

How does it feel to be “free-floating,” unable to make firm plans for travel, vacation, seeing distant family and friends, even getting a haircut?

How are you handling uncertainty? National conflict? Persistent racism? Boredom? Coming face to face with yourself?

If you’re an essential worker, how are you doing now compared to before?

If you’re not employed now, are you getting the support you need?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, only the opportunity to think on them every now and then. Use the moments of the silent in-between to visit with Spirit consciously. Let life be the river upon which you drift, no matter how busy or leisurely your daily routine is. If you need support, don’t hesitate to ask for it. If you can lend support, don’t hesitate to offer it.

Be safe. Be well. Be blessed. With much love,

Rev. Jill