Prayer and Mindfulness Rev Jill Carey

Dear Friends,

What a lovely evening we had at the church last night (Wednesday, Oct. 9)! Our Sufi friends Wahhab and Batina brought several people from their group and, joined with our people, we numbered about 25 happy souls! We danced the Dances of Universal Peace, prayed with our bodies, and got our consciousness and heart rates up.

Our focus this month, on Sundays and Wednesdays, is on prayer and mindfulness in our bodies. It is very easy to let our prayers and our focus on the Divine become too cerebral in a culture in which the activity of the mind is highly emphasized and valued. Yet we live in these Divine vessels that rely upon our breath---the deeper and more consistent, the better---and can free us from the confines of endless thinking and evaluation. We can “lose ourselves” to God through chanting, mindful walking, using prayer beads, etc. Two of our participants last night have limited mobility, yet their engagement no less true, sincere, active, and precious.

If you are able, join us next Wednesday for our Full Moon Meditation and Labyrinth Walk with Kit; the following week Jan Mc Gowan will facilitate the vibrations of the universe with her chiming bowls. As you walk about in the world, let every step be a prayer---and look with your eyes and heart for the Divine in everything.

Much love, many blessings,

Rev. Jill