Recent Messages

Oct. 7, 2018 - Emotional Power
Our fourth chakra is the center of our Emotional Power.  As we switch gears from external influences and relationships to the internal ones, we will examine matters of the heart.  Our hearts are designed to express compassion, love and forgiveness and to do otherwise is against our spiritual nature.  Join us Sunday as we look at how the power of Love is the fuel for our physical and spiritual bodies. 
Sept. 30, 2018 - 12 Powers Toolbox
Come join our teens and wear your hardhat because they are going to bring their "12 Powers Toolbox" and talk about how they work with and use the 12 Powers in their everyday life.  
Sept. 23, 2018 - Inner Power
The primary message of the third chakra is Honor Oneself, the next stage in our evolution to wholeness.  We break away from the tribe in order to discover who we are and how we relate to ourselves.  We may fear rejection, criticism, self-doubt, and the changing of our physical appearance; we also embrace our vital and healthy self-esteem, ambition, the ability to take risks, and our strength of character.
Sept. 16, 2018 - The Power of Relationships
Relationships are the core of our human experience.  no matter who we relate to - others, ourselves, God - our second energy Chakra's call the shots.  It is the seat of creative and personal power, choice and our need to control our environment.  It is a powerful and volatile energy source that contains our basic survival instincts, our desire to create and our issues around ethics, guilt, money and sex.  If you've ever heard yourself say, "I love what I do, it's the people I can't stand," this Sunday is for you.  
Sept. 9, 2018 - Tribal Power
The "tribe" is what binds us as humans, teaching us loyalty, honor, the sacredness of belonging.  It shapes our belief patterns, from superstitions to political views.  The seat of tribal power is in the first chakra, the Root.  
Sept. 2, 2016 - The Human Energy Field
As we begin this study based on "the Anatomy of the Spirit" we will become more aware of our "biological belief system", based on our personal biography and the embedding of life messages that affect our energy field. We begin our journey toward a greater wholeness, honing how we use and direct our power, drawing on the wisdom of Christian sacraments, Eastern chakras, and the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah. I hope you're intrigued.
Aug. 26, 2018 - An Invitation to Grace
There isn't anything we have to do or say to make ourselves more deserving of God's love. We're unconditionally loved at all times. Today, we'll review a number of ways we can keep that in mind.
Aug. 19, 2018 - Grace and the Will of God
Do these words generate a remembrance of earlier religious conditioning? Let's get that fixed! Much of our work in New Thought lets us re-frame old terms and find liberation in them. We will learn the "Grace Prayer" and discover how God's will is co-created through us.
Aug. 12, 2018 - Grace and Healing
Much of our spiritual growth is about identifying that which is unhealed or unresolved in us. Grace is the great healer that helps us through our "blocks" in consciousness and lifts us to a higher understanding and freedom. Also, come learn the "Christ Prayer" (it might not be what you think!), an easy method for remembering how healing works.
Aug. 5, 2018 - The Gift of Grace
The question of Grace is one that is frequently asked in classes and spiritual counseling. In this first week of exploring Grace, we will define it, see how it works in our lives according to spiritual law, and begin to accept it through prayer and the reshaping of our thoughts. Grace is a gift! You will find the lessons this month uplifting and hopeful.