Recent Messages

Nov. 11, 2018 - Grati-Tool
How can we maintain our new gratitude attitude?  There are many methods, tools, and prompts that make gratitude a tangible feature of our spiritual life.  We might begin to find ourselves spilling over with joy!  If Unity is Practical Christianity, let's make sure our "toolbox" is stocked, especially for those days that are busy or distracted.
Nov. 6, 2018 - "Grati-tude"
As we begin this season of giving thanks, it is important that we "re-calibrate" ourselves, especially about the things we take for granted.  Let's explore the attitude that we can consciously create so that we are living in a state of gratefulness all the time.  Even if you are a "gratitude list" keeper, we can all use a little polishing and growth in honoring all of creation and the creator.  
Oct. 28, 2018 - The God Connection: Open at the Top
Our life energy is continuously fueled by God.  When we align with the Truth that we always have access to that infinite and unconditionally loving Power, we thrive as the Divine expressions of God we are.
Oct. 21, 2018 - The Power of Mind
Power of the Mind examines our 6th Chakra and involves our reasoning abilities and our psychological skill at evaluating our beliefs and attitudes.  This chakra is our "third eye".
Oct. 14, 2018 - Between Heart & Head
The fifth chakra embodies the challenges of surrendering our own willpower and spirits to the will of God.  From a spiritual perspective, our highest goal is the full release of our personal will into the "hands of the Divine".  Every choice we make has consequences, thus our personal responsibility includes our energy contributions.
Oct. 7, 2018 - Emotional Power
Our fourth chakra is the center of our Emotional Power.  As we switch gears from external influences and relationships to the internal ones, we will examine matters of the heart.  Our hearts are designed to express compassion, love and forgiveness and to do otherwise is against our spiritual nature.  Join us Sunday as we look at how the power of Love is the fuel for our physical and spiritual bodies. 
Sept. 30, 2018 - 12 Powers Toolbox
Come join our teens and wear your hardhat because they are going to bring their "12 Powers Toolbox" and talk about how they work with and use the 12 Powers in their everyday life.  
Sept. 23, 2018 - Inner Power
The primary message of the third chakra is Honor Oneself, the next stage in our evolution to wholeness.  We break away from the tribe in order to discover who we are and how we relate to ourselves.  We may fear rejection, criticism, self-doubt, and the changing of our physical appearance; we also embrace our vital and healthy self-esteem, ambition, the ability to take risks, and our strength of character.
Sept. 16, 2018 - The Power of Relationships
Relationships are the core of our human experience.  no matter who we relate to - others, ourselves, God - our second energy Chakra's call the shots.  It is the seat of creative and personal power, choice and our need to control our environment.  It is a powerful and volatile energy source that contains our basic survival instincts, our desire to create and our issues around ethics, guilt, money and sex.  If you've ever heard yourself say, "I love what I do, it's the people I can't stand," this Sunday is for you.  
Sept. 9, 2018 - Tribal Power
The "tribe" is what binds us as humans, teaching us loyalty, honor, the sacredness of belonging.  It shapes our belief patterns, from superstitions to political views.  The seat of tribal power is in the first chakra, the Root.