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July 12th, 2020 - Universal Truths: Acceptance & Surrender
This month we will be exploring spiritual concepts from many different religious and spiritual traditions, borrowing from the Qur’an, the Hebrew Bible, Hinduism, and many others. This Sunday, we examine the ideas of acceptance and surrender, the first steps of spiritual growth. You may be surprised that have more in common than we have differences! This is in keeping with our purpose this month in embracing diversity and Oneness---and discovering where we are holding onto unconscious or conditioned beliefs.
July 26th, 2020 - Universal Truths: Compassion & Service
We would be hard-pressed to find the concepts of compassion and service omitted from any of the world’s great spiritual teachings. Sometimes hearing familiar ideas in the words of another culture’s writing stimulates our imagination and understanding. If ever the world needed us to hold compassion in our hearts and practice it through selfless service, it is now!
July 19th, 2020 - Univesal Truths: Connections and Interdependence
As we continue our exploration of the great spiritual truths from a variety of world scriptures across all traditions, it is of utmost importance that we embrace our Oneness with all of humanity---indeed all of life. We continue to embrace the paradox of being absolutely infinitesimal in the overarching scope of the Universe, while also acknowledging that we are absolutely essential to the Whole as an expression of the Divine. We need each other!
July 5th, 2020 - Talk Amongst Yourselves
It may seem as though nothing in the world is the same anymore. We as a species have experienced head-spinning changes in our social, economic, technological and ecological “norms” in a very short amount of time. How does that shift our understanding of God…and better yet, our conversations about God?
June 28th, 2020 - Still Water: A Jesus Story
For three years, Jesus traveled and taught with his chosen and beloved companions. His most amazing and teachable lessons were in their presence. We too are companions of the living Christ presence. We’ll explore how to call upon that Presence when our lives are at their most confusing and unsettled, or when fear is powering “the boat.”
June 21st, 2020 - God Meant it For Good: Joseph's Story
Joseph (of “the coat of many colors”) endured betrayal at the hands of family and strangers. He went to prison unjustly. And yet, he matured and learned from the voice of God that was ever present with him. In the end, his victories echo our victories---if we allow ourselves to be saturated with Grace, and if we are willing to turn our misfortunes and disappointments into works of generosity and wisdom.
June 14th, 2020 - Tending the Garden: The Mary Magdalene Story
June 7th, 2020 - Wrestling with the Angel: Jacob's Story
Have you wrestled with yourself? With God? With forces outside yourself? We can use the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) story of Jacob to see how to do it, what to expect, and what the outcome could be. This story is timeless and relevant to this day. We’ll look at from many perspectives, all helpful in our current journey.
May 31st, 2020 - The Modern Mystic: Unforseen Grace
Mixed blessings. Silver linings. The best of human nature emerging in a crisis. Today we explore the unforeseen moments of grace we may be missing during this evolutionary time of change. HONORING OUR HIGH SCHOOL GRADS!!!
May 24th, 2020 - The Modern Mystic: What was Old is New
The modern mystic explores paths already forged by those who came before, such as Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, St. Theresa(s). Their centuries-old words are surprisingly relevant and refreshing today. Let’s take a look!