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Oct. 4th. 2020 - Blue Moon October
We’ve been fascinated by the magnetic pull of the full moon since the beginning of humankind. This month, we have two opportunities to experience this powerful natural phenomenon. And while we’re gazing skyward, let’s explore how these cosmic events spark our inherently abundant and creative passions… and what we do with all that energy!The heart has known the wilderness, however, and carries its wildness into the ever-unfolding adventure of life. It’s what makes life unpredictable and juicy!
Sept. 27th, 2020 - Strong Heart, Soft Front, Wild Heart
In our wilderness of persistent spiritual seeking to “belong” to ourselves, our God-selves, we naturally develop the strong back of one who knows who he or she is, who knows resilience and confidence. But along with it comes the soft front, the vulnerable strength that embraces and welcomes life and its challenges with faith and courage. The heart has known the wilderness, however, and carries its wildness into the ever-unfolding adventure of life. It’s what makes life unpredictable and juicy!
Sept. 20th, 2020 - Move In, Be Civil, Hold Hands
Once we have begun to “belong” to ourselves, standing alone or standing with others, we must use our authenticity and vulnerability to connect with other humans in ways that undo our conditioned responses to them—-those learned through our family culture, societal programming, and personal insecurities. Rather than rejecting those with whom we disagree, we move closer to begin to discover who they REALLY are. Rather than dismissing a casual offending comment, we summon our courage to speak truth to the situation. Rather than always seeing strangers as “other,” we move toward our commonalities and shared experiences so that we participate in those shining moments of observing the achingly beautiful Christ Spirit.
Sept. 13th, 2020 - Fitting In, Or Belonging
Maya Angelou said, “You are only free when you realize you belong no place---you belong every place---no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.” This may not seem logical, but it contains great truth. We spend a large part of our lives trying to FIT IN with life and with other people. The cost of this is postponing the ability to truly BELONG, not just to our “tribe,” but belonging to ourselves in the spiritual sense. We are comfortable and fulfilled in ourselves, no matter where we are or with whom we are traveling in any given moment. Spirit is our Source for this great and profound shift in Being.
Sept. 6th, 2020 - Come Out, Come Out; Where-ever You Are!
Do you ever feel like you’re in the dark about your true gifts and talents? Or that you’re constantly playing hide-and-seek with your life’s purpose? Do you work hard at “being open to guidance” but still find yourself wishing Spirit would just put a billboard in your front yard and tell you what it is you’re here to do…and be? And what about summoning the courage to follow a life-calling – where does that come from? Let’s bring these questions (and more) out of the shadows.
Aug. 30th, 2020 - Sing a New Song
This month has taken us through 30 days to fearless living. (If you’ve been in the Wednesday night class, this is familiar to you!) We celebrate our month-long journey this week through the writings of Daniel Nahmod (a musician whose music we often enjoy!), early Unity teacher Mary L. Kupferle, and a Daily Word reading from 1949, among other inspiration pieces.
Aug. 23rd, 2020 - Change: Designed to Illuminate
It should be pretty obvious by now that we are in the midst of daily changes. Today we look at the difficult, challenging moments of change in our lives and learn how best to perceive them, shine Light upon them, use them to transmute us into the fullness of our magnificence. Would you like to manifest health, prosperity, and harmony? Stay tuned for some practical tips in this lesson from people like Joan Borysenko and Rev. Bob Barth
Aug. 16th, 2020 - Command of the Spirit
Command of the Spirit is simple but not easy. It requires us to look the face of our fears and errant (error) thoughts and turn our attention to God. Over and over and over again. It requires us to acknowledge and accept the natural laws of the universe. Rev. Jim Gaither says, “Regardless of why things happen, we can be at peace with existence and be angels of compassion on earth.” Tall order? Not if we stand in Truth. This lesson offers us the words of Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, and James Dillet Freeman’s inspiration for the “Prayer for Protection.”
Aug. 9th, 2020 - What, me worry?
There’s an old Swedish proverb that says, “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” So, how do we keep our anxiety to a manageable minimum? Today we explore where worry really comes from and a few simple tools to keep it in check
Aug. 2nd, 2020 - Monsters We Can't See
Fear is born of the unknown, the unexpected, the perceived notion that we are in danger. Beyond the immediate, necessary, and very real fear that our lives are truly at risk in certain circumstances, there is the fear that is a construct of our own making. That is usually the fear that drives our thoughts and actions toward human solutions (also a construct of our own making), and away from the true safety, guidance, and comfort that is our life in Spirit. It is important for us to learn the difference between them and to begin dismantling our conditioned responses to the invisible fears that disturb us, even as we move closer to “God in every moment.”