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March 10, 2019 - Giving Up & Getting Clear
This Sunday, March 10th, marks the start of the Lenten season.  Most often when we think of Lent we think about it as traditionally being the season of giving up poor habits or luxury items during the 40 days before Easter.  This Sunday we will explore how Unity views the season of Lent as being a time of deep spiritual healing and self-reflection that is necessary to prepare ourselves for new birth into our next highest self!
March 3, 2019 - Good For Your Circualtion
Like breathing out and breathing in, we're continuously immersed in the flow of Life whether we're paying attention or not.  If you often find it challenging to manifest the good you seek, look no further than a few simple spiritual aerobic exercises to get things moving!
Feb. 17, 2019 - The Gardener
Who are you, really?  There is a distinction between the "self" with whom you identify in your everyday life (personality), and the eternal "Self" that is eternally a part of the Divine (individuality).  One of the most effective ways in which we can begin to know our Self and allow it to express more completely and consistently is through contact with God as we seek spiritual understanding.  
Feb. 10, 2019 - Tool for the Garden
Just as a garden needs weeding and cultivation to produce its beauty, so do our mind and its conditioned responses require cultivation and attention to weed out thoughts that do not serve our higher good.  There are powerful tools available to us to "dig out" even the most stubborn thoughts!  Using Lessons in Truth, we will identify those tools for our immediate use.  
Feb. 3, 2019 - What Goes Around
In New Thought, we learn and study the Principle that our thoughts are creative.  From health to finances to gossip and fear we know that "where our attention goes, energy flows" to create "more of" in our human experience.  Wouldn't it follow that we'd want to make sure our thoughts are going where we really want them to?
Jan. 30, 2019 - Divine Oneness
The greatest comfort that we have is knowing that we are forever one with Spirit, our source of life, love and inspiration.  By extension, we are one with all others and all life.  How shall we extend loving kindness and receive it without reservation?  How will our community identify itself to the larger one?  
Jan. 20, 2019 - Divine Design
Now that you're "mastering" the Law of Mind Action and the creative process, how do you respond when life changes the plan you thought you had in place?  Is it you, or is it Spirit?  The questions has only one answer, but it still puzzles us at times. 
Jan. 13, 2019 - Your Divine Planner
One of the great principles from the New Thought movement is that your thoughts shape your experiences and reactions.  Now that you have your "White Stone word" for the year, you can incorporate it into your thinking.  Today is a new day - one of your own creation. 
Jan. 6th, 2019 - White Stone Ceremony
Join Kit Holmes as she prepares us for the new year with our annual "White Stone" ceremony.  Historically meaning a release from an old life and the beginning of a new life, the white stone was given to prove that others in the past have been forgiven their past debts and may start a new life.  In this tradition, Kit Holmes will lead us into a meditation to receive our new name for the new year and we will write it on our white stones to remind us that life begins anew each and every year.  
Jan. 30, 2018 - Burning Bowl Ceremony
As 2018 draws to a close, we may be pondering the changes we'd like to make in our lives in the New Year.  In order to make room for all that good, let's release everything that no longer serves us during our annual Burning Bowl service.  Kit Holmes leads us through this powerful ceremony and joins Kim and Paul Pollini and the house band.