Our Minister


Rev. Jill Carey, Senior Minister, and Rev Kit Holmes, Associate Spiritual Leader

From Rev. Jill, Senior Minister, Easter 2018:

I am so pleased to be officially joining Unity of Wimberley as your Senior Minister. And especially pleased to be in partnership with Associate Spiritual Leader Kit Holmes (RScP)!
Kit and I knew years ago in a different place and time that we had powerful and transformative energy together, but we could never have dreamed that it would manifest like this! We are excited to be building a vision with this congregation and anticipate ever-expanding and rich spiritual experiences with Unity of Wimberley. We'll be incorporating the best of New Thought teachings and practices in everything we do. We're not sure what everything will look like, but I can give you a preview: extended training for leadership and chaplains, more classes for various interests, a new look to the music program that incorporates the familiar and the yet unseen, TWO spiritual leaders available for spiritual counseling and guidance.
There is great energy "here on the hill," and Unity of Wimberley generates a welcoming and powerful presence that will maintain and attract exactly the perfect gathering of spiritual companions to journey with. 

From Kit, Associate Spiritual Leader: 

It's the "energy on the hill" that brought me here to begin with and I'm honored that I get to serve the Unity of Wimberley community here once again. Rev. Jill and I both know that the real "sacred ground" of this spiritual home is within the hearts and minds of each of you. At this time of fresh and bold new beginnings, I once again extend my sincere gratitude for your love and support as we all take part in this amazing, new spiritual adventure!

About Rev Jill Carey, Senior Minister

Jill Carey became Reverend Jill in 1992 when she graduated from Unity Ministerial School.  After her ordination she served in a wide variety of Texas Unity churches ranging from start-ups to long-established holding many positions including senior minister.  Over her 26 year ministerial career Jill has taken several breaks from being a full-time minister, but she frequently answered our calls over the years to take a Sunday now again as a guest speaker, much to our delight.
Before receiving the call to the ministry Jill's work experience included seven years with the U.S. Government’s Services Administration and Internal Revenue Service. Following that tenure she enjoyed teaching high school social studies. At the University of Texas, Arlington she earned under-graduate and graduate degrees in History.

About Rev Kit Holmes, Associate Spiritual Leader

Rev Kit Holmes is a Licensed Minister through Centers for Spiritual Living and a lifelong musical artist. A multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and award-winning songwriter, Kit, has been performing, composing, arranging and producing music professionally since the age of 13.  She is also a Certified Life Mastery Consultant and an in-demand guest speaker and workshop presenter on songwriting, creativity, personal transformation.

Included in Rev Kit's many duties as ASL is her role as our Music Minister.  She frequently rocks the house at the piano on Sundays in concert with our house band, aka The Band.