New Hope: Rev Jill Carey 5/1/2021

“Good People, most royal greening verdancy, rooted in the sun, you shine with radiant light!” Hildegard of Bingen

Dear Friends,
This is my greeting to you today, from one of my favorite mystics! I don’t know about you, but I feel like we are emerging from a long hibernation into the light and warmth of newness. We are not out of the woods yet (to continue the metaphor!), as there is still a pandemic at hand, especially in other countries such as India. Our prayers are still vital for the good of humanity, for the healing of the planet, and for those who grieve the loss of lives and health.

And yet spring is in glorious bloom all around us! Isn’t this one of the poignant paradoxes of life---that greening and decay, birth and death coexist in our experience. Both Hildegard and Meister Eckhart (almost heretically) likened the greening and juiciness of the natural world to our existence in Spirit, that life lived fully is a verdant, lush garden of knowing our Oneness with ALL. Their words were not the traditional, sterile liturgy to which people had become accustomed. They spoke with sensual, vivid, exultant praise of the Maker and affirmed our communion with it. They celebrated and sang with joy! As can we!

If your heart has not yet bloomed with hope and the newness of each day, I invite you to listen to a mockingbird’s song, take in the sweet green aroma of a blooming plant, and watch for the curious, cautious young creatures born this spring that are discovering the world into which they have emerged. Know that you are One with these living things! See your new life in theirs!
Live a juicy life!

Much love and many blessings,
Rev Jill