Love in the Quiet: Rev. Jill Carey 12/15/2020

Dear Friends,

How strange that this is the last newsletter article I’ll be writing for this tumultuous year! It’s funny to joke that we’d like 2020 to be a “do-over,” but would we really? The only way to answer “no” would be to inventory the year with a measure of objectivity and generosity toward ourselves and others. What better time for that than this Christmas season? Most of us will be celebrating differently than we have ever done before---it will most likely be more quiet and reflective by the nature of circumstances. We could choose to bemoan the losses, the inconveniences, the unfamiliar feelings that we’ve had. Or we could call to mind the ultimate messages that Christmas and Hanukkah bring: love, hope, faith, joy, gratitude, and dedication. It is the season of lights, on and in homes, in our lighted candles, and in our hearts.
The Christmas story is one of the birth of the Christ---not just the baby Jesus, but the spirit of living Truth in each of us. Our spiritual journey is always one of discovering and expressing more of what is already present and in potential in each of us. That alone is cause for celebration! Even if we focus on just one of the Christmas ideals in a day, we have awakened another aspect of our True selves. When Jesus was born and walked upon the earth, His message was one of love, generosity, and experiencing God personally. His lasting legacy was a reminder that we dedicate our lives over and over to living in Spirit. All this from a “beginning” that we celebrate each year, telling the (new) old story of the birth of a baby, a promise in a life that would change the world.
So light your candles, my friends. Hum the familiar songs, or sing them in full voice. Exchange gifts. But most of all, practice LOVE in this quieter season. Our world needs it. And if you are having difficulty doing so, I bring you the words of one of my colleagues to his community: “We will love you through it.” Merry Christmas, dear hearts!

With love, heartfelt gratitude, and prayers for our rejoining,

Rev Jill