Love Lives Here - Rev Jill Carey 8-29-2019

Dear Friends,

Something is afoot here on the hill! Have you felt the shift in energy? Have you noticed how engaged people are with each other? Have you seen how calm and joyful our children are? I’m speaking beyond the usual social greetings and interactions; I’m talking about conversations and embraces in which individuals are fully present, really listening, sharing each other’s joys, sorrows, challenges and triumphs. You’ve heard me speak before about our community as a “spiritual laboratory.” Well, we are practicing our spiritual alchemy to create a place that is even more welcoming, even safer for us to express our growth and its challenges, and even more open to people becoming a greater expression of the Christ Spirit. This is the best gift we can give ourselves, our families, our community, and the world.

Love lives here! And love is a magnet that attracts others with the same desire to live their best lives, to honor the Creator of all life. It is a great pleasure to walk with you!

Much love and many blessings,

Rev. Jill