Love is the House of God: Rev. Jill Carey 2/1/2021

Hello Friends,

“Love is the house of God and you are living in that house.” ---Rumi

It’s February, a month of love! Some people enjoy this holiday and the opportunity to give and receive tokens of affections. Some people DON’T enjoy this holiday for various reasons: not having a sweetie makes them feel left out; the blatant commercialism and ubiquitous splash of red is overdone; it’s lost its original intent and has become meaningless. Many are so adept and consistent at expressing love throughout their lives that a special holiday on which to do so is redundant. But there is a different way to think about love---indeed, to engage in BEING love.
Rather than love being restricted to our limited way of thinking as sentimental, romantic, friendly, brotherly, etc., we can expand our definition of it. Love transcends our human understanding, although we practice it in so many ways. If we are willing to let go of what we think love is, we have a better chance of letting its true meaning and experience find us. We ARE love, the embodiment of God-Love that is boundless, eternal, and encompassing. If love is truly a magnetic force---the more we express, the more we receive---then I like to play a little game and think of love as the force that holds the planets in their orbits, that orders the celestial bodies to wheel endlessly in the sky. (Yes, it’s that grand!) I like to think of love as the precious unfolding of a blossom, the development of cells that become a human being. We are imbued with and capable of a love that defies our emotions and leaves us breathless with its wonder.
To be candid, I don’t know that we can fully grasp the not-person God-love that is FOR us, IN us, expressing AS us. It starts to make us truly believe in our humble, compassionate, overflowing greatness. It lets us find a pure positive regard for others that we might not have believed we were capable of. This one thing---Love---grounds us to the earth in our lives, and lifts us to the highest knowledge in consciousness of our Oneness with God and all of life.
So this is a “love letter” to you. This is my holding you in the highest positive regard, aching with the beauty of our oneness, marveling at the unifying power of love that transcends our differences. Yes, bring chocolates and flowers and lovely red things to your beloved, even if your beloved is yourself! Remember that we are ever seeking to know more of Love as a living thing awakening in us every day.

With much LOVE and many blessings,

Rev Jill