Up the Ladder We Go

Dear Friends,  I'm sure you've noticed that we have jumped a couple of rungs up the spiritual ladder---from lively and intimate Sunday services, to deep and engaging classes, to the growth and friendship of groups and meetings. We are absolutely in the midst of transformation, individually, as a body, and for the world. 
We are entering into a sacred agreement to assist each other along the way, to reach out with helpful and loving hands and hearts. We are a "tribe."
The tribe is what binds us as humans, teaching us 
loyalty, honor, the sacredness of belonging. It shapes our belief patterns, from superstitions to political views.
As we are studying in "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss, the seat of tribal power is in the First Chakra, the Root. When the tribe's system is toxic in our families, relationships, or society, we can experience imbalance in the First Chakra, resulting in illness or being "stuck." 
This coming Sunday, we will discuss this powerful dynamic, questioning the beliefs and emotions that hold us back---and the power of the tribe that can strengthen us.
Many blessings,
 Rev. Jill