Keep Your Eyes on the Road: Rev Jill Carey 10/15/2021

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who joined us in person or online for our HUG meeting last Wednesday, Oct 13. (If you missed it, you can find it archived on our website under “Services.”) It was informative for all of us, and it gives us more and better focus as we move forward.

Now is a good time for us to take the long view in the history of our spiritual community/church. It is easy to become myopic in seeing what is right in front of us and believing it is all there is to see! Just as in driving a car, our attention must be constantly moving from what is immediately in front of us, to what is around and behind us, to what is waiting down the road. In the context of Unity of Wimberley, we must look at our history---ministers and community members that have come and gone, founders that have moved on, rituals that have been sacred that have been replaced by others equally sacred. In the same view, we must see where we are today---in the midst of emerging from a long, difficult public health crisis that has upended all that we held to be consistent, leaving us stranded, but with our ability to be accepting, resilient, and creative intact.  

The next step, as you can imagine, is to place the past and the present in perspective as it shapes the future---that long look down the road. The difficulties and changes we are experiencing now are (mostly) temporary. We will emerge looking different, for sure, but the heart of what makes us US remains. The last 20 months have taught us that we ARE those resilient, creative people. The illusion that we can recreate the past is simply that, an illusion. However, we can breathe what was and what is into our bodies, and see how it informs us and shapes the future.

For certain, we are the “shapers.” We ask Spirit how we can be used in the shaping. It is this that keeps us flexible and fluid, that helps us not to hurt ourselves by clinging to illusion and faded dreams.

Keep your eyes on the road, stay awake and aware. The future needs you.

Much love and many blessings,

Rev Jill