It's Only Natural: Rev. Jill Carey 10/16/2020

It's Only Natural

Dear Friends,

This will probably sound a little “stream-of-consciousness,” so stick with me! I recently watched (Sir) “David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet.” I highly recommend it, along with “My Octopus Teacher,” and any other documentaries that celebrate and inform us about the natural world. It reminded me that Sir David’s series “The Living Planet” (1984) was the beginning of the spiritual awakening that eventually led me to Unity three years later. I remember seeing that which I had taken for granted with different eyes, not to mention becoming aware of what I didn’t know that I didn’t know! The limited view of God that I’d held leading up to those moments was suddenly exploded---how could I have missed the humbling, miraculous, infinitely fantastical nature of the planet upon which I lived?! Who was I in relationship with this Creator of life, perfect in its patterns and cycles?

In the intervening years, I have snorkeled and SCUBA’d, bushwhacked and kayaked, studied stars and insects and snakes and birds, nurtured my fascinating and forgiving succulents, and oh yes---given birth to twins! I have been surrounded by whales and watched a grieving sea lion carry her stillborn pup on a beach in the Galapagos. In all of this, I notice that the natural world continues without a notion of our presence, seemingly, yet we certainly impact it with our carelessness, greed, and consumerism. But this is not (completely) about environmental change.

I keep returning to the sea. When one is submerged in the depths, and the surface is a faraway gleam, all is peaceful yet active. Life below the surface carries on despite us; and despite whatever disturbance might trouble the waters above, marine life goes on about its business. Oh yes, I’ve seen shallow reefs that were battered by hurricane seas and the dead coral that is a monument to their power. This is life. But the majority of life in the sea cares nothing about our toil and struggle. So it is with the life lived in Spirit. No matter how the winds and rain of daily life might toss about our emotions and peace of mind, there is a greater Peace that dwells in our depths. There is a calm, eternal and powerful, that is as accessible as our next breath. We are creatures of the great Infinite, as miraculous and essential as is the smallest living thing that keeps life in balance.

Please don’t forget who you are.

Much love and many blessings,

Rev. Jill