How We're Doing: Rev Jill Carey 5/14/2020


Dear Friends,

As a spiritual leader, I am always looking for words that inspire, encourage, and remind us of our spiritual heritage. This requires me to pay attention to the fleeting and (seemingly) permanent feelings and experiences that we share. I study the spiritual, sociological, environmental, political, and mental and physical health factors that influence us, consciously and unconsciously. Right now, it is especially important to notice “how we’re doing” as individuals and as the human race. Before I can believe and offer those words of hope, I must acknowledge the uncomfortable, the uncertain, and the grief that we are all experiencing. Never in recent history have we had so much time on our hands, so little in the way of scheduling, such a lack of social interaction, and such a painful acceptance of suffering and death in the world. (And heartfelt gratitude to essential workers in so many fields that make sure we are safe, fed, supplied, and cared for) These are the times that truly bring us to our knees, relying upon Spirit utterly and completely. That seems to be the way we are as humans, fully surrendering when faced with nothing else that can truly bring us satisfaction except our Creator.

We must grieve for the enormous loss of souls on the planet. We must grieve over “what was,” even as we don’t yet know “what will be.” We must face ourselves unflinchingly and let Spirit burn away the chaff of that which we took for granted, leaving us, in the end, whole and new.

So, beloved, give yourself time, space, and ritual to acknowledge the losses that we might label as petty. In these times, our losses are real and deserve our attention, no matter what they are. And then . . . we turn again to God, the One, for our renewal and comfort. We reach out to each other to process, to weep, to laugh, to join with each other in the way of the heart. And we go on.

          God is One.
          Everything is in God.
          God is in everything.
          God transcends and encloses all that is made.

                                       Julian of Norwich

 Much love and many blessings,

Rev. Jill