How Unity Came to Wimberley


Unity of Wimberley began in 2003 when a small group of individuals committed themselves to bring Unity teachings to the Wimberley Valley.  Originally, the group met monthly in a small gathering place on Wimberley Square.

By mid-2003, about 25 people were meeting for Sunday services each week, now in the barn of Holly and Buddy Wilson. Licensed Unity teachers from the area came to speak for each service, and music was usually provided by the Wilsons' teenaged daughter Kelsey, a violin virtuoso.

Finding the Holy Hill

Shortly thereafter, the Wilsons discovered a property that had been on the market for some time. They knew this would be the perfect home for our budding spiritual center.  Together with our initial board of trustees, the decision was made to owner-finance the property. Our first Sunday service was held at what was then The Wimberley Lodge in April 2004.

Part of our owner financing agreement was to fulfill all the pre-existing bookings of the lodge. From April through Labor Day, volunteers scurried to meet the needs of overnight guests while preparing for each Sunday's services. The income from these lodgers helped to cover the initial mortgage expenses with balloon payments beginning in the near future.

Mindy AudlinIt was at this time that Mindy Audlin, who had been an occasional guest speaker, submitted an application to become the Spiritual Leader of the congregation. In August 2004, the Board of Trustees voted her into the new position.

The Money Miracle

In December 2004, we were issued a new financing agreement intended to help us grow the center and establish the necessary history to refinance in April 2008. The only requirement was that we put down $40,000 in cash. Thus began our January campaign: $40K in 40 Days!

Our intention was to raise $40,000 from the efforts of our 50-member congregation. With everyone's support and creativity, we raised more than $40,000 in just over 50 days. We thank God for the miracles of prosperity that continue to bless this sacred place!

We have continued to grow and thrive. We added a core staff to support the enormous task of maintaining our facility, and attracted an uplifting and talented music team.

Our amenities are a special blessing to our young people, and we are proud of the youth education program that continues to expand. We are also thrilled to offer special programs to youth and other spiritual groups throughout the region who are looking for a Hill Country getaway for their classes, workshops, and retreats.

Keep on Stretching

When our spiritual leader, Mindy Audlin, expanded her horizons to become the network producer for Unity Online Radio, we began a minister search in late spring of 2007 and hired Rev. Rudy England in August. 

sanctuaryWith April of 2008 about to roll around, we went to work on refinancing our property. After talking to the banks, who would only finance a portion of what we needed at jumbo interest rates, we got serious about "self financing."  Thus was born the Church Family Ownership Program.

In five months, we raised all of our financing capital through cash donations and the sale of promissory notes to ourselves. Our church is now fully and privately financed by us. We continue to express our gratitude for the faith and spirit of this spiritual community as manifested through this amazing effort.

Always seeming to stretch ourselves, in January 2008 we began to co-create the next chapter in the story of Unity of Wimberley through the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Process--the study and exploration of what gives life to human systems when they function at their best. Over 100 of us participated in the process to discover and create the future we wanted for our spiritual community.

The AI Process culminated with Destiny Day on Dec. 14, 2008, when we unveiled the plans of our four design teams and shared in the provocative possibilities of our limitless future.

Meantime, in August 2008, one minister departed and we began to host a spectacular line-up of guest speakers each Sunday, all the while knowing that our right and perfect new minister was making his or her way to us! 


The Rev. Ellen Era

With what can only be described as divine order, on April 1, 2009, Rev. Ellen Debenport became the minister at Unity of Wimberley, agreeing to serve on a temporary basis for one year.

Ellen Debenport

But in November 2009, we gathered in our monthly congregational HUG Meeting (Help Unity Grow) and all of those present, with glad acclamation, recommended to the Board of Trustees that Rev. Ellen Debenport be offered the position of permanent minister. The offer was made, Ellen accepted, and we began yet another chapter in the history of our church on the hilltop. While our community grew and thrived attracting attendees from a 60+ mile radius, Ellen also gained an online following throughout the U.S. and beyond through her Sunday talk recordings posted weekly on our website.

During her time at Unity Wimberley Rev. Ellen published The Five Principles: A Guide to Practical Spirituality which became a Unity worldwide best seller.  She subsequently published the popular Hell in the Hallway, Light at the Door: How to Move Gracefully Through Change into Renewed and Abundant Life

But, inevitably, chapters end...  We always knew that Rev. Ellen was a mighty talent and that she was in demand.  After eight years of service Rev. Ellen received an offer too perfect to refuse. At the end of May 2017 Rev. Ellen headed to Unity World Headquarters to take the position of Vice-President, Content & Media Strategy, where she oversees the Daily Word, Unity magazine, books, assorted publications and Unity's online radio station.  Everyone who knows Ellen remarked, "oh, that's a perfect job for her."  So, if we couldn't have her anymore, we were so glad that she was moving on down the road and applying her world-class talent to a much wider audience--the World!  Her tenure will be cherished and surely known as the "Ellen Era" for the thriving spiritual community she shaped, grew and nurtured. 
And We Persevered...

We began the transition from the Ellen Era to "what's next."  Our collective intention was to be guided by the five basic principles of Unity as we made our way through this time of change. We were commited to operating from an abundance consciousness, staying mindful of the reality we create through our thoughts, words, and actions. We drew specially on our Powers of Wisdom, Understanding, and Order, as we affirmed the good and the wonderful future that awaits us.  

And then we joyously hired Rev. Jill Carey

On March 8, 2018, after nine months of transition Rev. Jill Carey was named our new senior minister. 
This was a Spirit-led and Spirit-filled period for Unity of Wimberley involving an inspired search team, who presciently named themselves "Our Minister Magnets," a divinely persevering Board of Trustees, a steady resourceful crew of staff and volunteers, and a patiently engaged congregation.  And, likewise, it was a Spirit-filled time for Rev. Jill as she shared her surprise at this calling after ten years out of active ministry.   In her words, "I’m thrilled to have been called to this beautiful congregation."  In the words of Jan Gauvain, president of our board of trustees, "We are so pleased to share that the congregation feedback for Rev. Jill was unequivocally and overwhelmingly stellar! The results show us so very clearly that she is a match for us. She gets an A+ by any scale."

But wait! There's more.

The Sunday before Rev. Jill was officially on duty, she announced that she and Kit Holmes, RScP would be forming a ministry partnership much to the delight of all.  As Rev. Jill related, "Kit and I knew years ago in a different place and time that we had powerful and transformative energy together, but we could never have dreamed that it would manifest like this"! 

Kit had been our Music Minister for just over five years when in September 2016 she departed for other adventures.  As we began our search for a new minister in the summer of 2017 the Minister Magnet Team undoubtededly found a hold on Kit, too.  By late in the year Kit had the stirring that maybe she still had more to do at Unity of Wimberley after all.  With a call to Jill, who had not yet made any indication that she was interested in the job at Wimberley, the spark was lit to form this partnership.  

Our new Ministry Team, Rev. Jill Carey, Senior Minister, and Kit Holmes, RScP, Associate Spiritual Leader, commenced our new awakening on April 1, Easter Sunday.

And the next era of fellowship, spiritual growth and divine energy begins...