Holiday Blessings from Rev. Jill Carey 12/14/2019

Dear Friends,

And just like that, Christmas is around the corner! If you haven’t been in our sanctuary or Fireside Room, they have been decorated with warmth and elegance, inviting all to dwell in the light of the season. The Wednesday night open meditation is especially magical, with the light of candles and the tree, and quiet music guiding your prayerful journey. This last Wednesday, those of us gathered made an intention before we began to hold all of you and all that came to mind in the loving embrace of Spirit.

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? The spirit of giving and the recognition of Oneness transcends all time and distance. We don’t have to be in the same place to extend our love and appreciation to those we love---and that applies to those in distant lands, those who have passed beyond this life, and to all living things in the natural world.

Of course, this is our aspiration all the time: to pray with and for others. But especially in this Christmas season and in the celebration of Hanukkah, we are inspired to expand our generous nature in tangible and intangible ways. As children, we equated the holidays with “getting” all the things we wished for; as spiritual adults (no matter the age), we find ourselves giving thanks for what we have and sharing with others. We find ourselves extending good wishes, hope, joy, and heartfelt prayers as we celebrate the birth of a new consciousness centuries ago---and the birth of new spiritual awareness in ourselves every day.

I give thanks for all of you, my spiritual family! And I wish you and yours the very most blessed and joyful holiday.

With much love and appreciation,

Rev. Jill