Heat Wave Re-Focus Rev Jill Carey 8-15-19

Dear Friends,

Ah, the heat. I don’t know about you, but dashing from air-conditioned space to air-conditioned space is getting old for me! I have to look for beauty in nature with different eyes, as I tend to focus on everything that is brown or dormant from the blazing sun and lack of rain. So here are a few of the things I’ve noticed: hummingbirds still zooming around to the feeders and blossoms that are heat-resistant. Baby chaparrals (roadrunners) awkwardly chasing bugs. My dog lying on the warm patio stones in the sun, getting his daily dose of vitamin D. The night sky with its clarity, and the position of Jupiter and Saturn, Vega, Deneb, and Altair---all easily visible. (I watched the International Space Station traverse the sky at dusk, four minutes of the silent, bright reminder that we continue to explore beyond atmosphere and gravity.)

Last night, thirty of your friends were at the Wednesday night Dare to Lead class. (That’s a third of our regular Sunday attendance!) Everyone was so engaged and candid in our small group discussion about vulnerability. If you are not taking this class, I heartily encourage you to get this Brené Brown book and read it to audit the class, accompanied by the online study/read-along guide (link and summaries can be found on our website under the Classes tab.) We are shifting the consciousness of our entire community; please be a part of it.

And everyone went safely home.

And it rained.


Rev. Jill