Hang in There! Rev Jill Carey 5/30/2020

Dear Friends,

Well, here we are---still locked down for the most part, especially at church. You will be receiving a letter in the next few days that explains our considerations for reopening. There are still many unknowns regarding COVID-19, and while you may have seen some larger churches reopening, we must consider our congregational needs and our space considerations. I do know that, from (Zoom) meetings with other ministers in Wimberley, the largest church in our area is not holding in-person services until at least the middle of July. So stay tuned---you will receive an email letter with some information specific to us, an attachment with more universal guidelines, and a survey about your preferences and comfort level, all directed toward our decision about phased reopening when possible.

In other news: I will be teaching our Wednesday night class in June tailored toward your questions and/or curiosities about Bible interpretation! This is one of my favorite subjects, and it always produces lively discussions and frequent breakthroughs! As it is tailored toward YOUR interests, please email any and all questions to me at minister@unityofwimberley.com. The study of metaphysical Bible interpretation is too vast for the time we have in June classes, so it’s best to unravel anything that has piqued your interest, evoked negative reactions, or remained a mystery to you. I’m very much looking forward to “Zoom-ing” this class!

Hang in there, my friends. We will most likely not fully grasp all of our growth and transformation through this pandemic until we have some healthy hindsight. Until then, we hold each other close in Spirit.

Much love and many blessings,

Rev Jill