Give with Your Phone

Among the many ways to give money to Unity of Wimberley is a handy app called

It works two ways:

Download the app

Pick up your smartphone and go to your favorite app store. Search for (notice the dot), look for the bright green logo (right), and download it to your phone.

When the download is complete and you open the app, it will ask you for an email address and password, then it will ask for your financial information. You may link to a credit card or set up a direct donation so money is withdrawn from your bank account.

Once your account is set up, all you have to do in the future is sign in, search for Unity of Wimberley, then tell it how much you want to give. The rest will be automatic.


Text your tithe

Instead of downloading the app, pick up your smartphone and text the word GIVE to 361-356-3184. This number is specifically for Unity of Wimberley. Save it in your Contacts.

The first time you do this, you will receive a return text with a link. Tap the link and set up your account information.

Then after the first time, you can simply text the amount you want to give. It doesn’t even need a dollar sign. Text 100 or 500 and it will automatically go from your account to the church’s general fund.

You will receive a text acknowledgement immediately and an email receipt in a few minutes.

Using the app instead of texting has advantages.

  • You may choose which church fund your money goes to.
  • You may give from more than one account, such as personal and business.


Common Questions

May I set up a recurring donation?

Yes, please do!

May I give to a specific fund?

You may choose from funds established by the church. For instance, if we were raising money for a new air conditioner, you would see a short drop-down list that includes Air Conditioner Fund. But you can’t personally earmark your donation. As a rule, the church encourages giving to the general fund without specifying where you think it should go.

Does charge fees to the church? takes a percentage of each transaction. But notice, gives you the option of covering the fees for your donations. They will be added automatically to the amount you are giving. Please click Yes! Also be aware the fees are much lower if you set up a direct withdrawal from your bank account rather than using a credit card.

Couldn't I just write a check?

Absolutely. If giving this way doesn't appeal to you, the other ways are still perfectly valid. They are listed here.