Fun Ways to Fund Raise!

fundraising tree

The past four years, Unity of Wimberley has raised money through Howling Moon, a combination of auctions, food, music and dancing. It’s been our one big event of the year, fun but exhausting to produce.

What if instead, we took our favorite elements of Howling Moon, added some new ones to try, and spread them throughout the year?

Debbie Baumgarten and Jason Jones are spearheading an effort to find out which fund-raising ideas are most appealing to you. The volunteer teams for each project will be supported, but the work and the outcomes will be in your hands!

Read these descriptions, then please take this short survey indicate your interests.


Desired outcomes:

  • To attract money to grow our programs
  • To reach out to community
  • To attract money from people outside the church
  • To take the pressure off fund raising with one big event
  • To keep things we like and try new ones.
  • To develop our prosperity consciousness!

A 3-pronged approach:

  • A small number of LARGE donations
  • A medium number of medium-sized donations
  • A LARGE number of small donations

Our Goal: With more people in our community to contribute, our goal is to find easy, fun, no-pressure ways to increase our collections this year.


Make it easier to contribute by using what’s called “Text-to-Tithe,” which offers an easy way to donate using your cell phone. We have chosen a service called Read how to set up your account here.

pig on penniesOngoing, online auction. The Baumgartens are willing to set up a website for this. They will need helpers to round up services and goods that members are willing to donate for auction. Services such as attorney services, massage, painting jobs, photography, quilts, help with tax returns, lawn services/landscaping, building websites and many more could be offered by members. High quality goods also could be donated. All proceeds from the online auction would go to the church.

House Concerts. Members with homes that would facilitate a sizeable (25 or more people) house concert could host one concert per year. Admission could be $35 or $45 per person. The host could pay for food and drinks or not  -- this is up to the host. Musicians would be paid, and the rest would go to Unity.

Pool party open to any age and anyone who wants to come, with music, pool volleyball and other pool games, could be accompanied by barbeque, drinks and a variety of snacks. There could be a small admission fee and prices for refreshments. All profits would go to Unity.

Dinners and Dances. Schedule one dinner per year and maybe one or two dances. Members could bring friends, neighbors, family, etc. Promote these events broadly with posters in local businesses, to raise money from more than just our own congregants.

  • Hold a dance with a DJ – inexpensive & easy to put on. Charge admission as well as tickets for drinks and snacks.
  • Dancing with a band, drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
  • Possibly one high-end dinner per year with a band, asking $50/ $75 plate.

Bingo is popular, easy to organize, great for all ages and fun. Sales of bingo cards and refreshments could yield a nice profit. This could be promoted throughout the community and done once per month or per quarter.

handbagsHandbags, Jewelry and Accessories Sale. Maybe the Wise Women of Wimberley could take this on. An arsenal of items could be built up with a drive to seek donations of new and lightly used, high-quality or designer handbags, jewelry and other accessories. Then volunteers could organize a luncheon or drinks venue for others to bid on the available items. Proceeds from the entry fee and sales would go to the church.

Artistic T-shirts. One of our congregant artists could paint something beautiful and artistic for a “Wimberley, A Little Piece of Heaven” T-shirt design. These could be sold through local businesses, at market and at all of our own events. Proceeds could go to both Unity and to local charitable projects. Five hundred shirts sold in a year could easily be $5,000.

Wimberley Market Days might be an untapped resource to raise money. Unity could offer goods that people are willing to donate, such as antiques, décor, accessories, artistic items such as handmade jewelry, flower arrangements, T-shirts, baked goods and jams, plants, etc. Profits could go to Unity and the Barnabas Connection.

Promotion. Fund-raising events and activities need to be promoted repeatedly to gain participation, support and contributions. And the church would want to thank those who contribute. Both could be done through our Facebook page, the newsletter and announcements at Sunday Service. Wimberley Valley Radio might promote some of these events. Promotional posters could be placed in key venues. Facebook ads could be created as well.



The way to get all this done is to create teams responsible for different projects. Some of our members or groups might be willing to take charge of specific events or fund-raising activities. Others might be willing to be part of a team and help where they can.

So, what would you like to do?

If you weren’t at the HUG meeting on April 9 to leave sticky notes, or you would like to give more information about your interests, please take this short survey. You may pick and choose where you want to contribute.

Ideas that don’t get much interest will be dropped. Those that do will be pursued. Raising money should be fun!