Fate/Destiny vs Free Will from Rev. Jill Carey

A Message From Rev. Jill

We certainly had a fun "Ask Me Anything" session last Sunday morning! More of these Sundays will come; they are a good barometer of what interests or mysteries are on your mind. One of the inquiries that came up last week concerned the question of fate/destiny vs. free will. This perennial conundrum calls for us to be fluid and receptive to the life flowing around us AND to the voice of Spirit whispering to us all the time. We make the choices, but we must ask ourselves, are they close to Spirit?
On Tuesday, I was the first to arrive at the scene of a bad auto accident close to my home. (Second arrival: a male hospice nurse who is now a new friend!) I had the opportunity to offer care, comfort, and prayers to the 3 adults and 2 children who were involved; luckily the children were unhurt. When I asked if I could pray with the most seriously injured man, his affirmative response was quick and sincere, as was that of the other adults. Even the language barrier in the latter, Haitian French and Spanish, allowed my long-unused languages to rise up.
There are two lessons here. First, we serve where we are planted, leading us to "chance" encounters that shift the context of our existence. Fate, destiny, free will, choice? I don't know---had I left my house a minute earlier, it might have been me in that accident. I could have driven on past the accident to keep my original schedule. But I stopped, and I'm glad I did.
Secondly, opportunities to serve others, to lift up someone to make the world a little better, are EVERYWHERE. Most people want that human connection. It might require boldness to which we are unaccustomed. But it is not just an individual who offers that comforting word, that helping hand. It is the Christ spirit that unites all of humanity that gives us the courage and compassion to do so. THAT is the "free will" inspiration that guides our "fateful" encounters.
Much love, many blessings,
Rev. Jill