The Divine Feminine: Rev Jill Carey 5/2/2020

Dear Friends,

 I miss you! As we keep our church online only for the indefinite future, I really feel the effects of not seeing you in person on a regular basis; I know you miss the fellowship too. We continue to explore ways for us to connect with each other: Zoom classes and meditations; Board members, staff, and Chaplains making calls to check on you; the solicitation of your photos and reflections that we can incorporate into our Sunday livestream.

Here is an opportunity for you to participate in our livestream Mothers’ Day service on May 10. The theme of the day is The Modern Mystic: The Divine Feminine. We tend to think of our mothers and grandmothers; we also acknowledge that not every person is a mother! Instead, besides honoring our female ancestors, let us consider the aspects of Spirit that are divinely feminine but not limited to gender. For example, the Divine Feminine is reflected in the greening of the earth; it is reflected in those feminine qualities of generosity, love, nurturing, creating; it is reflected in caring for others. Please send us a photo or phrase that represents this idea for you. It might be a photo of a beloved family member, a bird tending her nest, a newly sprouted shoot. We will try to put as many as we can into the May 10 service. It may not be the same as our regular Mothers’ Day service, but it will be a way for us to experience it from a different perspective.

Also, in advance of our June Wednesday night class, Metaphysical Bible Interpretation, I invite you to find a Bible that suits you for the class. My personal favorite, one that I’ve used for years, is the New Revised Standard Bible. (The Oxford Annotated edition is especially good!) The NRSV was translated from original texts as much as possible, so it is good reading.

 Much love and many blessings from me to YOU!

 Rev Jill Carey