Dare to Lead Tools by Rev. Jill Carey

Dear Friends,

I am so pleased to tell you about some of the recent leaps and shifts in consciousness that have been going on at Unity of Wimberley. Your Board of Trustees, Kit, and Llea attended a workshop/retreat that I facilitated on May 31, here at the church. We had five hours of fellowship, laughter, intimate sharing, and learning (and a delicious potluck lunch!) Board members and staff are reading Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead, the book I mentioned last Sunday. Later in the summer, I will be facilitating a class on this book, not only for team and group leaders, but for anyone and everyone! The title of the book is deceptively simple, but it takes us into deep areas of honest growth, better and more productive conversations, sacred listening, and an appreciation and compassion for all whom we encounter.

Last Sunday I spoke about The Unity in Community, and one of the benchmarks quoted came from a 1948 Air Force Leadership Training Manual. I would like to list some of the words and attributes from this manual as attributes we can practice right here in our community. They are: to belong, a sense of belonging, feeling, fear (how to recognize and resolve), compassion, confidence, kindness, friendliness, and mercy.

Let us be the people of these qualities, here and in our world. This coming Sunday I will expand on this topic by utilizing the tools we already have to calm and focus our minds and to open our hearts.

“Strong back, soft front, wild heart” Onward we go!


Much love, many blessings,


Rev. Jill