Circulating the Good

Dear Friends, It was my great pleasure this week to deliver food and money to the Central Texas Food Bank. In just over a week, you donated almost 200 pounds of food and, with the Board's designated tithe, $2135.00. CTFB was very grateful! In all, they served about 850 heads of household that were furloughed federal workers; this means that, including family members, they provided food for approximately 2800 people.

Please continue to bring food donations so that we may provide provisions to the Crisis Bread Basket, the CTFB, and other organizations that are fighting hunger. If you simply pick up an extra jar of peanut butter, some cans of soup, a box of cereal or a bag of rice, all of our efforts will be a visible way of serving our communities in the way of the Master Teacher Jesus.

I am so happy to be offering Wednesday night classes in Lessons in Truth, the foundational teaching by Emilie Cady. This was the very first book I studied when I found Unity in 1987, and I never tire of reading and teaching it. You know that feeling when you read or hear something that resonates with a Truth you had not yet consciously realized? This book is full of those moments! I hope you'll join me for this timeless gem of Truth.

Many blessings,

Rev. Jill