CFO Program

The Church Family Ownership Program is the private investment program begun in 2008 to finance the Unity of Wimberley property.  The program is opened every five years for an "open exchange" to allow new investors in and current investors to modify their investment.  The exchange has a net-zero effect on the liability balance.  The next every-five-years open exchange period will be first quarter of 2023.

Program Documents:

CFO Committee:

Jan Gauvain, board president
John Criswell, board treasurer
Bruce Kingsley, committee chairman & program administrator
Leslie Howe, legal advisor

To contact the CFO Committee email

CFO Program Pay Agent:

Be Square Bookkeeping
Stephanie Shreffler, owner
2319 Webster St
Mandeville, LA 70448

IRA Administrator:
901 Summit Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Documents for Investor Closing:

Program Disclosure Statement

Investment Agreement--sample only

Direct Deposit Authorization


Beneficiary Designation Form

Financial Statements are available upon request by emailing