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Lenton Season in Unity: Rev Jill Carey 2/28/2020

Dear Friends,

As we have entered the Lenten season, I would bring to your attention a booklet published by Unity called “Fasting and Feasting: 2020” (limited copies will be available in the bookstore). The premise is based on the practice of denials and affirmations: “I fast from doubt, I feast on faith; I fast from fear, I feast on courage, etc.” This season would have us focus on growth and renewal, letting go of that which no longer serves us, so that we might experience life anew.

Watch Your Mouth: Rev. Jill Carey 2/14/2020

Dear Friends, this week, I’m giving a talk entitled “Watch Your Mouth.” It is a companion to the last newsletter article and last Sunday’s message,”It Works If You Work It.” I encourage you to join me in watching our words, the ones that are spoken and the ones that bounce around in our heads as imaginary conversations and unhelpful self-talk. With our power center in our throats, our words have enormous influence in the way we approach and experience life. So, as you go about the coming weeks, gently and objectively observe what you are saying to yourself and to others.

Energy and Power of Prayer: Rev Jill Carey 1/17/2020

Dear Friends,

I thank you all from the depths of my heart for the loving, prayerful support you’ve given my family and me in the last few weeks. It has made some very stressful and difficult times easier for all of us. My husband Bill is slowly recovering in his heart and brain from his recent medical crises. We are grateful for every day and are taking each one as it comes.

Holiday Blessings from Rev. Jill Carey 12/14/2019

Dear Friends,

And just like that, Christmas is around the corner! If you haven’t been in our sanctuary or Fireside Room, they have been decorated with warmth and elegance, inviting all to dwell in the light of the season. The Wednesday night open meditation is especially magical, with the light of candles and the tree, and quiet music guiding your prayerful journey. This last Wednesday, those of us gathered made an intention before we began to hold all of you and all that came to mind in the loving embrace of Spirit.


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