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Oneness: Rev Jill Carey 3/1/2022

Dear Friends,

As I write this article, we are a few days into the unprovoked Russian attack on Ukraine. I have been watching coverage of this unbelievable war while I am in Colorado caring for my brother after his surgery. Being out of my regular environment, and experiencing a blast of winter that has been especially harsh for the northern part of the state, has added to the surreal nature of this week. I have pondered a long time over the words I would write to you. Are there ever enough words to help us process the impossible?

Waves of Change: Rev Jill Carey 2-14-2022

One of the things I’ve missed during the pandemic is significant travel and taking a decent vacation to a different environment. My astrology sign is Cancer, and this water-soul has really missed being in and around bodies of water! They are endlessly fascinating to me, no matter their mood. I use water images in my mind as peaceful, meditative places to go. I use those images as metaphors for the changes of life around us. The words are evocative: water lapping, blue depths, undercurrents, crystal clear, stormy seas.

What's Your Vision? Rev Jill Carey 1/15/2022

Dear Friends,

The heavy grip of the pandemic has not released us yet, and slowly we are making our way through the new reality that has been given us. Keeping in mind that we still do not grasp the many ways in which things have changed forever, we nevertheless find our way, step by step, into what is next. We have all heard the many terms used to describe this two-year-long journey: seismic shift, “new normal,” global transformation, etc.

Quality of Hope: Rev Jill Carey 1/1/2022

Dear Friends,

If aliens studied the humans of Earth, I wonder what they’d think about us? (They probably already are!) Specifically, I wonder what they’d think about the quality of HOPE we possess. I wonder if they would find us foolish for picking ourselves up over and over again from circumstances that would seemingly defeat us. Of course, biologically our species is built to perpetuate itself. But psychologically, don’t we wonder some days??


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