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This Blessed Journey of Ours

Dear Friends,  Here we are at the ending of the year, the winter solstice at hand, Christmas around the corner, the reflections of this past year upon us.
We have come quite a distance in the last few months, haven't we? There is a renewed vigor and engagement in this community, and we have supported and nurtured each other through joys and growth, and through challenges and losses. 
The beautiful thing is that everything has brought us to a deeper level of intimacy and joy, and we are ending this year much differently than it began.

Let's Reframe the Christmas Story

Dear Friends,  Welcome to December, a most magical and poignant time of the year! I love the chill  in the air, and both the subtle and fabulous color changes in the leaves before the first freeze. 
And I especially love sharing the story of Christmas, with all its many facets---each year, I find a new way to view it and a different way that it touches me. I'm so happy to share that with you this Christmas, my first as your senior minister! 


Dear Friends,  We have been having such a wonderful time exploring new ways to join with each other for our individual and collective growth. In case you missed last Sunday, many of us agreed to set our alarms to 11:11 a.m. to stop for a moment of prayer and reflection for our community and for the world. Not only is it a good reminder to stop and pray, it is exponentially magnified because we are doing it with each other, and with many others to whom the word has spread. If you haven't joined in this practice, I encourage you to do so---it's surprisingly inspiring.

Peaceful Coziness

Dear Friends,  Wow, chilly weather came in like gangbusters, from summery heat to late fall temperatures! This kind of weather and change of seasons make me feel more reflective and internal, probably from an ancient instinct to settle in and stay warm around cave fires and tent circles. I've heard many of you express the same. So our November and December classes will honor that feeling---less about class learning and more about guided reflection.

Spiritual Humans

Dear Friends,  None of us could have anticipated how much we'd be moved by the 5th Sunday service last week, led by our Youth of Unity. We laughed, cried, listened to them speak and sing, and enjoyed some fine bass guitar skills! What a moving and life-giving experience, witnessing the spiritual growth and potential of the next generation.


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