This Blessed Journey of Ours

Dear Friends,  Here we are at the ending of the year, the winter solstice at hand, Christmas around the corner, the reflections of this past year upon us.
We have come quite a distance in the last few months, haven't we? There is a renewed vigor and engagement in this community, and we have supported and nurtured each other through joys and growth, and through challenges and losses. 
The beautiful thing is that everything has brought us to a deeper level of intimacy and joy, and we are ending this year much differently than it began.
I am, always, so grateful to be your senior minister. There is no place else I'd rather be, or any other people I'd rather be with. 
Thank you for your generosity, your willingness, and your constant desire to know the Creator more deeply within you and in the world.
Much love and many blessings,
Rev. Jill