August Changes: Rev. Jill Carey 7/31/2020


Dear Friends,

 August brings significant changes to the lives of many in our church family and community, as the fall school session begins later this month. The most obvious effects will be visited upon children, teachers, and their families. No matter what we believe about the policies and decisions being made and carried out, no matter what our opinion is, no matter how far removed from schooling decisions we may be, no matter how families choose the best options for their children---it is a situation that affects all of us. Safety measures being put in place in classrooms may or may not protect everyone. Staying at home has an effect on the social lives of children. AND . . . Everything will work exactly the way it does---and we have no control over that outcome, except to do our best to practice safety measures ourselves.

We CAN, however, do what we know to do about everything that life can throw at us: pray. Will you consciously and deliberately join me in a divinely appointed pray group to hold all children, families, teachers, and school administrators in the Light of peace and safety? Jesus welcomed the children into his circle of teaching and love; we can demonstrate that same practice as we encircle the vulnerable with our Christ-centered love.

We pray knowing that wisdom and knowledge reaches our children exactly as it should. We pray knowing that home-schooling parents are guided in patience and order as they do their best to educate their children. We pray knowing that our dedicated teachers are inspired by Spirit in their creativity in both teaching and staying safe. We pray knowing that every life is precious, and that our future rests with our children. We pray knowing that their resilience weathers all the storms of life today.


 Much love and many blessings,

 Rev Jill