4th of July: Rev. Jill Carey 6/30/2020

Dear Friends,

What a strange state of suspension we’ve been in! March melted into April into May into June, and now July is here. Our last in-person service was almost four months ago. It seems not that long, but also forever ago. Sometimes we feel we’re working harder, but getting less done. Free-floating is less than comfortable, but it reminds us that all we have is the present moment anyway!

We’re about to celebrate the independence of our country from foreign tyranny. It’s an important holiday, and one that we’ve treasured all these years. We usually associate the word “freedom” with July 4. This year, we have a good opportunity to reexamine what that word means to us. It may be all too easy to reference our rights under the Constitution; but it has become painfully clearer over the last few months that civil liberties are not always equal for all. It is also clear that “freedom of speech” has become a justification for hateful, divisive rhetoric used against others. For some, “freedom” means disregard for the safety of others (and oneself) during a pandemic. Lack of freedom to move about the world as we always have has caused us frustration, boredom, irritation, and inconvenience.

But freedom means many other things, especially during the physical limitations in which we are living. Many have found new hobbies, home gardens, a reimagined relationship with a partner, and a different spiritual discipline. We have found freedom from bad habits, freedom to get used to our own company, freedom to see and enjoy natural life more consciously. We have built planned visits with distant family through online communications. So we are not truly limited by life right now; we’re invited to recreate it, to wake up to different possibilities every day, to slip from one moment to the next without getting “stuck” or falling asleep to life.

On a different note, we have an opportunity to answer the need to serve others in the community in a new way. Barnabas Connection and the Wimberley Ministerial Alliance are working together to distribute meals to students and families throughout the rest of the summer. Betty Potts is graciously coordinating the Care Team, the Supper Club, and any other volunteers to take shifts Monday-Friday to pick up meals at First Baptist Church and deliver them to designated pickup sites around the area. If you are willing to take a shift or a day of the week, please contact her at bettyjopotts@yahoo.com. The project starts this Wednesday, July 1 (that day is covered). I hope you’ll take this perfect opportunity to make sure folks are provided for during these unusual times.

Much love and many blessings,

Rev. Jill