Dear Friends,  We have been having such a wonderful time exploring new ways to join with each other for our individual and collective growth. In case you missed last Sunday, many of us agreed to set our alarms to 11:11 a.m. to stop for a moment of prayer and reflection for our community and for the world. Not only is it a good reminder to stop and pray, it is exponentially magnified because we are doing it with each other, and with many others to whom the word has spread. If you haven't joined in this practice, I encourage you to do so---it's surprisingly inspiring.
Just a reminder: next Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, there will be no Golden Key class. Our final class will be the last Wednesday in November. We hope you'll join us for this intimate, meditative time with each other, 6:00-7:30 p.m. 
Get ready for more open meditation time on Wednesday nights in December, a come-and-go opportunity to reset your mind, body, and spirit during the busy holiday season. Stay tuned for details in the future. We also have some surprises in store to make Christmas even more joyful than it's been before!
It is an honor to be your senior minister.
Many blessings,
Rev. Jill