Transition Updates


New Minister Selected!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Greetings Unity of Wimberley Community!

We were blessed this past Sunday to enjoy a full day with Rev. Jill Carey, who is a candidate for our Senior Minister position. She delivered a deeply spiritual message to a huge crowd of almost 150, and likewise her workshop was extremely rich and applicable to us as a group. The clear feeling in the room was that we were able to connect with Jill in a very meaningful way, and we are so thankful for this. We appreciate everyone who attended and participated.
From the beginning of this journey to our new spiritual leader, your input has been absolutely essential. This is still the case today, even as we focus on a single candidate. We know that the way we have all communicated during this process has cleared the path for Spirit to bring us what is right for our special family on the hill.
We are so pleased to share that the feedback for Rev. Jill was unequivocally and overwhelmingly stellar! The results show us so very clearly that she is a match for us. She gets an A+ by any scale!
As a board, we are in unanimous agreement with the congregation. In addition to the time we've all spent as a group with Rev. Jill, know that we have gone through a comprehensive and exhaustive set of steps - with untold hours invested - getting to know Jill (and her husband Bill, who is also an amazing person). We've talked with many people who have known her for years, grown from her teachings, benefitted from her friendship, and served alongside her in leadership roles. We are intimately familiar with her history, her strengths, what she would love, and how we will need to support her. And we are certain that the criteria we set out last summer for our new minister - based on your input - will be met fully with her in this role.
The board is happy to announce that we are currently proceeding in contract talks with Rev. Jill to make her our Senior Minister. 
As this evolves, we will remain in communication with you on the details. Spirit is still driving, and for that we are so grateful.
Your board

Friday, March 2, 2018

Hello Unity of Wimberley Family, 

Most of you are aware that we are at an exciting juncture on the path to our new Spiritual Leader. We just enjoyed a full Sunday with one of our finalist candidates, Rev. Jeanie Brosius King, and are set to do this again on Sunday March 4th with Rev. Jill Carey. Please plan to attend!

As we all know, sometimes Spirit leads us in a way that we wouldn't have envisioned for ourselves. We are announcing that earlier this week, Rev. Jeanie withdrew her name from consideration for our position. Jeanie and her husband Joe have recently been made aware of a physical challenge that will require their energy and focus foreseeably.
Know that this decision has nothing to do with either her interest in working with UOW, or our interest in her. It was a very difficult decision for Jeanie and Joe, but they know it is the right one at this time. We love both of them, and will support them fully.
The Universe works in Divine Order, and we know that this is the right way for our process to unfold.
We want to make it clear that your input remains absolutely critical to the process of selecting our new minister. This recent change in our candidate pool does not affect this in any way. So please, be with us on Sunday for the lesson + lunch + workshop. We need your feedback, and are continuing our process as planned from there.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Your board

Sunday, February 18, 2018 Minister Search Finalists Announced

At the Sunday service board vice-president, Jason Jones, announced the finalists selected by the Board of Trustees in our search for a senior minister.  After carefully considering the recommendation from Our Minister Magnets search team, the board narrowed the candidates to Rev. Jill Carey and Rev. Jeanie Brosius King.  Both ministers are familiar faces to our congregation as they have served as guest speakers during our transition.  Jason also noted that neither of the finalists was "looking for a church" when they accepted a speaking engagement, but that both developed a kinship and attraction to Unity of Wimberley.  Safe to say the magnetic attraction worked both ways.

Here's what happens next...

Over the next two Sundays Reverends Jeanie and Jill will be our guest speakers and, after an in-house lunch, they will conduct workshops.  The talks will, of course, give us another look at their styles while they are under consideration as our permanent minister.  The workshops will provide a space for more personal interface with the candidates along with a view into their approaches to teaching.  The "audition" dates are


Sunday, February 25, Rev. Jeanie Brosius King

Sunday, March 4, Rev. Jill Carey.

On each of these Sundays the congregation will be invited to provide formal feedback, so it's important that you attend!


Friday, Feburary 16, 2018 Transition Update Newsletter

Greetings UOW Family,

It's been a while since our last Board update, and many wonderful things have evolved over the last few weeks. We've made it through the holidays, had a great Annual Members' Meeting, and enjoyed fantastic lessons and music every Sunday. We want to thank Cindy Millonzi, Gail Gonzales, and Llea McCarn for their consistently excellent work making our services superb!

So, on to the Magnetization update...

At the Sunday service on Feb 11, we announced that the OMM (Our Minister Magnets) Team had done its job and done it well. During their six months of service, countless hours were accrued moving through the search process, coordinating Unity Worldwide Ministries, posting our job opening and fielding applications, and developing an organized approach to vetting candidates. Importantly, this was done prayerfully and with a loving, open consciousness. The focal point of their recent work has been the deep consideration given to a large number of applicants, and about ten days ago they provided their final recommendations to the Board.

We want to express our deep gratitude to the entire OMM Team: Scott Price, Chip Slade, Toni Jinkins, David Conway, Leslie Howe, and Jan McGowan. Thank you!!

From now, the board will be directing the Magnetization process. We are working from a very short list of amazing candidates for our Senior Minister position! We're truly living out the vision that we've created together over the last ten months.

This Sunday February 18, we'll be announcing the names of the candidates for our Senior Minister position, and how you can expect to engage with them. Be there!

We have also scheduled tryouts on consecutive Sundays very soon. Please plan to be at services to hear the candidate speak, stay for a quick bite, and then participate in a workshop led by the candidate. We'll be getting your feedback at that time as well.

  • Sunday, February 25 (light lunch provided)
  • Sunday, March 4 (potluck)

We're eager to see you Sunday.


Your board


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Search for New Minister Down to the Short-list

At the Sunday service Board Vice-President, Jason Jones, announced that the list of candidates for consideration as our new minister had been narrowed to a short-list of no more than five and that the Board was going forward with the "what's next" steps for final selection.  At our Annual Meeting on January 28, OMM (Our Minister Magnets) Team leader, Scott Price, had announced that the team had received fourteen applications!

Jason thanked and recognized the OMM Team for their six-months of service that represented many volunteer hours finalizing the search process with the ongoing support of Unity Worldwide Ministries, posting our job opening on the UWM website, vetting, selecting, and interviewing candidates, and finally making their recommendation to the Board of Trustees.  OMM Team members were Scott Price, Toni Jinkins, David Conway, Leslie Howe, Jan McGowan, and Chip Slade.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Greetings UoW Community,

We hope that everyone is enjoying the break in the weather. Fall is finally upon us! Let's take this reminder that transition is natural, and offers us wonderful opportunities to grow.

One big change since our last update is that our job description for our Senior Minister position is live! Actually, it's been active on the Unity Worldwide website for over three weeks. However, the email announcement announcing our posting was just sent a few days ago, so our job opening may be recent news to many potential candidates.

Also, the OMM (Our Minister Magnets) Team has finalized several items that will be used to screen and interview candidates. This is a great team, and they're very organized in advance of the next steps in our process. We've had some applications come in, but it's still very early. It is time for all of us to send our good intentions into the Universe so that we can attract our perfect Minister!

Here's the link to the job posting for your reference: UoW Senior Minister Job posting. Feel free to forward!

During our HUG meeting this last Sunday, we shared the results from our survey and had a great discussion. Thanks to all who took the time to complete the survey! The perspective we gained has informed our process heavily and is the main input to the OMM team's screening process.

There are several key "take-aways" from this exercise, dealing with why we love this place, how we wish to grow going forward, and qualities we want from our next spiritual leader. If you'd like to listen to the presentation or review the slides, you can access both at the link below.

Here's the link to the survey results: Survey Results.

Click here to listen to the HUG meeting audio (audio begins on slide #3).

This part of our transition journey is an exciting one, and both the board and the OMM Team have been very eager to reach this step. Let's all continue to hold our vision in the forefront of our consciousness, and we know the Universe will lead us to that perfect person - and them to us.

Some upcoming dates related to our transition process:

Sunday, October 29 - Reverend Doug Deurr will be with us for the second time! He is a dynamic speaker and one of our most popular guest ministers - you don't want to miss him.

Sunday, November 12 - The one and only Dr. Joe Vitale will speak to us! Afterwards he will host a workshop introducing the healing practice of Ho'oponopono. Dr. Vitale is famous worldwide for his New Thought teachings, and we are blessed he'll be making a rare appearance for us!   Click here to purchase tickets.

Sunday, November 19 - Our own, Grammy nominated Kit Holmes will again be speaking to us and providing the tunes! Afterward service, at 1PM, she'll lead our third and final Visioning Workshop. The first two have been very powerful, and they build on each other in a cumulative way. Please join if you can, especially if you missed the first two, as it's critical to our collective process!

Please keep your input coming. Reach any of us individually, or send an email to

And as always, continue to be mindful and prayerful, especially at this stage of our journey together.

Gratefully, Your board 


Friday, September 29, 2017

Hello UoW Family,

We trust everyone is doing great and feeling abundant. It's been too long since our last update, and we've had a productive few weeks!

Our recent lineup of speakers and musicians has been very edifying for all of us. We hope everyone who has experienced our Sundays lately feels the same. It goes to show us that even in the "gap" or "hallway," we can still thrive (and have a great time)!

Our Ministry Magnet Team (OMM) has been in place for a month now, and they have submitted the paperwork that allows our position to post online in the next few days. We know that the role here is a special one, and are quite confident that the chance to work here with us stands as one of the premier opportunities anywhere across Unity. It'll be exciting to get our line in the water!

We are also working to compile the main messages from the recent survey. Thanks to all who participated - we had over 150 responses, which is terrific for a group our size. It takes a little while to work with this amount of information, but we will be sharing the take-aways with you soon.

Part of the work the OMM Team has completed includes an extensive information packet for Unity Worldwide about our journey up until now.  It's been a rewarding exercise to think through the history of this special community; it humbles us to realize the enormous effort that has gone into building this place over the last decade. We are merely the board of today - many others have stood in our places, and contributed mightily to what we now enjoy. Thank you, and we are grateful to stand on your shoulders and continue building!

Here are a few upcoming dates related to our transition efforts:

Saturday, September 30 & Saturday, October 12 
Our own dear Marj Barlow will be leading us through Parts I (9/30) and II (10/12) of the Strengths Finder Workshop. This exercise will benefit you personally, and us as a community, so please participate, especially if you have not before. There is homework beforehand, so please take the survey and arrive prepared (unless you have taken the assesment before, no need to take it again). Thanks for doing this Marj!

Sunday, October 15
Be here for another dose of Kit Holmes, who will be speaking and playing at our 11AM service. Afterwards, at 1PM, she will lead us in our second Visioning Workshop. The first was very powerful, and this is a process we will be going through a third time in November. Please attend again if you like, and especially if you missed the first one! 

As always, we want to remind everyone that your input, whether via the survey, emails to, or in conversation with any one of us is absolutely heard and taken into account. Please keep it coming, along with your prayers for what we are creating together.


Your board


Sunday, August 27 presentation announcing the Minister Search Team






August 24, 2017

Hello UOW Community, 

Hopefully none of us in Texas have melted by now! We trust everyone's summer has been great.
To put it mildly, we've had lots going on over the last few weeks. From visioning sessions, HUG meetings, leadership training, and terrific guest speakers, it's been a very busy month. We are so grateful to the wonderful folks who have come our way lately and shared their messages, music, training and love. And for those behind the scenes who make it all come together - Gail, Cindy, and Llea!
Here are a few upcoming dates related to our transition efforts:
Sunday, August 27
The Board will announce the members of the newly formed Ministry Magnet Team during Sunday's service!  Your input from earlier this month has been vital, and was the starting point for building this group. We are grateful for those agreeing to serve, and are excited to share the news.
Monday, August 28 
The Community Survey closes at 5PM CDT! If you haven't already, please take the survey at the link below, or turn in your paper copy to the UOW office (due by 1PM on 8/27). Your input is valued!
Sunday, September 10  
Don't miss a full dose of Kit Holmes, who will be speaking to us as well as playing & singing! After service at 1PM, Kit will lead us in our first Visioning Workshop. She'll be sharing the survey results, and guiding us as we envision the future we want to create together. 
Saturday, September 30
Marj Barlow will be leading us through Part I of the StrengthsFinder Workshop & Fundraiser. She is uniquely qualified to direct us through this valuable exercise, that benefits the individual and will no doubt help our community moving forward. If you want to participate-- be sure to take the StrengthsFinder test and email the results to the StrengthsFinder team here.
Saturday, October 21
Marj leads us through Part II of the StrengthsFinder process.
We are so blessed as a community to be moving through an exciting time in our collective journey. While change always carries with it uncertainty, it is a precious time of contemplation, prayer, and rebirth! 
Let's maintain the positive intention and energy we've all consistently felt. As always, any of us are happy to speak with you anytime.
Please keep the emails coming at
See you Sunday!
Your board

Online Survey Launches this Sunday, August 13 at Noon!

The Unity of Wimberley community-wide survey launches this coming 

This is your opportunity to lend your highest and best to the vision for the future of your spiritual community.

It's EASY!
On Sunday, just look for the "Community-wide Survey" box on the website!

There will also be links in the upcoming newsletter and on the Unity of Wimberley Resource Group Facebook page!

Why online?
Your identity will remain anonymous. You can be completely honest. Your responses will be tallied objectively. And... we won't have to try to decipher your handwriting! But seriously, this platform allows for the fastest, most accurate way to collect and disseminate a lot of valuable insight.

If you think of yourself as "technology-challenged", don't fret. This survey will be as user friendly as taking one of those personality quizzes on Facebook...without all the ads. And if you still feel challenged by the thought of having to navigate your way online, a limited number of hard-copy paper surveys will be available.

You do NOT have to be a voting member to participate. In fact, anyone who has ever attended a Sunday service, social event, taken a class, volunteered, been a member, listened to a podcast or simply become interested in Unity of Wimberley is invited to take the survey! 

Please...take this opportunity to lend your highest vision to the process of creating a spiritual community you absolutely love!

SAVE the DATE - Sunday, August 13, 2017.  


Making Way for our New Minister

At the end of May 2017 our minister of eight years, Rev. Ellen Debenport, moved on to her new and perfect career at Unity World Headquarters, Vice-president of Spiritual Content.  As we wished Rev. Ellen the best we looked around and found ourselves on the path of "what's next" for Unity of Wimberley? The Board of Trustees immediately began working with the congregation and Unity Worldwide Ministries to form a transition plan that will take advantage of this period of deep change to re-commit to our core values, vision, and mission as we prayerfully make way for our new minister.  

The Board invites all congregants to communicate and participate formally and informally throughout the transition that will hopefully culminate in the early Spring of 2018.  

Communicate with Board members one-on-one, or by emailing which will distribute your thoughts to all Board members.

Click here to get to know the Board members.

Key transition activity dates:

  • July 17  Board Visioning session
  • July 23  Full launch of our Transition Affirmation
  • July 30  Leadership Training session led by Doug Duerr, Unity of Houston
  • August 6  HUG meeting & Input session with Neil Feiereisel, Unity of the Hills
  • August TBD  Community Survey launched
  • September TBD  Strengths Workshop led by Marj Barlow
  • September & November  Community Visioning sessions (x3) facilitated by Kit Holmes

Transition Update Newsletters:

July 21, 2017

July 5, 2017

June 30, 2017

June 7, 2017