Recent Messages

Nov. 13, 2016 - The Sharpest Tool in the Box
A look at what’s stashed in your spiritual toolbox. Some of these tools might be useful in the aftermath of the election or to deal with the holidays.
Nov. 6, 2016 - The Burden of Purpose
How many times have you been told to find your life’s purpose? Or your soul’s purpose? Do you know what it is yet? How important is it to know?
Oct. 30, 2016 - Flawed Saints Day
As we approach All Saints Day and the Mexican Day of the Dead, we honor our ancestors, whether they were saints or not.
Oct. 23, 2016 - Angels Unaware
Are angels real? We'll talk about what angels might be, where to find them, how to recognize them and, perhaps, even how to be one.
Oct. 16, 2016 - Chemicalization
An old idea from Unity might explain what’s going on in the world today. And in your life.
Oct. 9, 2016 - Room For Grace
The universe is plentiful and opulent! The desires of our hearts were put there for a reason. These statements are Absolute Truth. So if we’re not receiving all the good we can hold, perhaps the problem lies within us. 
Sept. 25, 2016 - Who is the Lost Sheep?
A shepherd had 100 sheep and left the 99 to go after one who was lost. Are you the lost sheep? The shepherd? Or the 99?
Sept. 18, 2016 - Living From The Inside Out
Guest Speaker Rudi Harst of Celebration Circle in San Antonio explores our capacity to see beyond the illusion.
Sept. 11, 2016 - Living with Change
It’s been 2,000 years since the Apostle Paul wrote, " . . . the present form of this world is passing away." That is always true. On the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, we looked at how can we live with constant change.
Sept. 4, 2016 - Mind Your Own Business
You know the Five Principles, the basic spiritual teachings we use in Unity. Now learn about the sixth.