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Jan. 15, 2017 - Five Steps To Healing
Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore wrote letters to people who asked for help with their health. In one of those letters, she lists a number of ways to heal yourself , which fall into five basic categories.
January 8, 2017 - Ask For Help
Here’s an idea for a New Year’s resolution: Ask for help! Unseen forces are poised to work on your behalf.
January 1, 2017 - Burning Bowl & White Stone
We begin with a Burning Bowl ceremony to leave behind everything we do not want to carry with us into the new year, then write on a white stone a word to guide us through 2017.
Dec. 25, 2016 - The Angels Sang at Your Birth, Too
On Christmas Day, we celebrate the divine energy we call The Christ, knowing it has been born in each of us. But what do we do with that awareness going forward?
Dec. 11, 2016 - Trip To Bethlehem
Jesus was born during a trip to Bethlehem to fulfill census requirements, in a stable surrounded by animals. The divine emerges even in the midst of our ordinary lives.
Dec. 4, 2016 - We Have Some News
Mary and Joseph were told separately about the divine child Mary was expecting, and they reacted in dramatically different ways.
Nov. 27, 2016 - Prepare The Way
The Christmas story doesn’t start with Mary and Joseph. It starts with some of Mary’s relatives, who experienced a similar miraculous birth.
Nov. 20, 2016 - What Are You Bringing to the Table
Sure, we try to be thankful at Thanksgiving. But does your gratitude result in giving more? It’s Thanks-GIVING.
Nov. 13, 2016 - The Sharpest Tool in the Box
A look at what’s stashed in your spiritual toolbox. Some of these tools might be useful in the aftermath of the election or to deal with the holidays.
Nov. 6, 2016 - The Burden of Purpose
How many times have you been told to find your life’s purpose? Or your soul’s purpose? Do you know what it is yet? How important is it to know?